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Total Club Manager 2005

by seuspiritt

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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Okay so since it happens at a different time for you, the error must lay somewhere else then.
Unfortunately I have no idea to resolve this. I had a look around the web to see if there was a solution somewhere, but no luck. Frown


The only thing I can think of is loading up a save that is sometime before your last one and try playing that one on to see if that lets you get past the stopper you ran into with your latest save.

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total club manager 2004 starting up on windows 8

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I have purchased total club manager 2004 for the PC recently after in my younger years i absolutely loved this game.


However, when i install it on my windows 8 machine, it does not run. have tried compatibility mode and used windows XP mode but it still does not work, even when i try 'test program'.


I find it absolutely disgusting on microsoft's part that there newer upgraded machines are not compatibile with the past, its like going backwards.


Please does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: total club manager 2004 starting up on windows 8

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1. Reinstall The Game!

2.Try To Uninstall Windows And Reinstall The Game

3. Contact Support

4.Try To Delete The Init.lua or initl.Watever is is

5.Just Take It Back And Get A New Copy

6. If Its A Pirated Copy Then It Wont Work Atall!

7. BYE

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I want play with brazilian national team on the Total Club Manager 2004. But I find only european national teams. Can I select South American teams? Thank You!

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Total club manager 2005 seasons limit

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Hello. I have got Total club manager 2005 years ago and I want to play it again and looks like the seasons limit is 50. But what I want to know is if this is the career limit or the save limit. Because if this is only the carrer limit in theory we could create another trainer and start another career as soon as the limit is reached and continue playing with the same save. However if this is a save limit this couldn't be done and we would have to start a new one. And besides that I would like to know if the same limits apply to the new club mode too.


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Total Club Manager 2005

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I want to buy total club manager 2005 help please.

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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can i play in tcm 2005 on windows 10??

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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With new updates to Windows 10 and the game being 13+ years old we cannot guarantee it will run without technical errors or issues launching the game. We're all here to help though if it doesn't go as planned.

My recommendation is to add a desktop shortcut and right-click on it>Select Properties>Compatibility Tab>Run it in an older operating system.


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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

@hans1508 unlikely. The game is using SafeDisc as copy protection and Windows 10 prevents the protection driver from installing. The legal way to play the game is to set a dual-boot machine (Win10 and Win7), trying to run it from a Virtual Machine with Win 7 or having an older PC with Win 7 or lower. There are other methods, but they are too complicated for a normal Windows user. Even the ones listed assume a decent PC/OS knowledge or the willingness to build a PC with older parts, so you would be able to play those old games that we loved. 

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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Thanks for answer,

which one manager from ea sports can i play on windows 10?

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