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Total Club Manager 2005

by seuspiritt

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Total Club Manager 2005

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Hello! I hope that i'll get the answer here.
I have a problem when i try to save the game. I am on 2053-2054 season, and when i press the button "save the game" i get blocked and the game is blocked.
My question: is that the final of the game? if yes - why i can continue the season, i played very well without saving. If no - what i have to do - to solve this bug Frown.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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Community Manager

Okay so since it happens at a different time for you, the error must lay somewhere else then.
Unfortunately I have no idea to resolve this. I had a look around the web to see if there was a solution somewhere, but no luck. Frown


The only thing I can think of is loading up a save that is sometime before your last one and try playing that one on to see if that lets you get past the stopper you ran into with your latest save.

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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Mate, first of all you're posting this in the wrong section! This section is made to report the bugs encountered in the FIFA WORLD game that's in beta phase. But, since you opened this subject and because I've played this game (and I still play it nowadays) in the past, I can tell one thing: the savegame is corrupted so unless you have an older savegame to use, you can say goodbye to your career. Try to play the game with the autosave function activated at 2 weeks! I hope this helped you with your question.



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Total Club Manager 2005

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hi all of you,

i already play tcm 2005 Standard smile but i have a new problem. now i'm in 2032 in my game but i couldn't save my game. what can i do to save it?



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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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i have this problem too. what can we are to save our games?

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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The question is in wrong section, could a moderator move it?

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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do you know answer?

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

Community Manager (retired)

@seuspiritt Moving this conversation to the right section: Other Games

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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i asked same question in right section but still didn't get an answer. pls write what can i do play my game? 

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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

Community Manager

@hagi_fromeses Hi,


Unfortunately I am not aware of this bug. Did you install any of the patches for the game? Is it happening in the same season for you as it did for the initial poster?




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Re: Total Club Manager 2005

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Hi @EA_Nils , 

Firstly thank you to your answer. i didn't download any patch. i have been played this game since 2005 but i never got this problem before. i have two save folders of my game but second one dont save game again after 29th september 2032. if i dont save game, i can continued play it. maybe about memories?

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