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Re: Theme Hospital Game not loading

by ieta_cassiopeia

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Theme Hospital Game not loading

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Dear Team at EA,


I purchased Theme Hospital on Origin, however after successfully installing the game, when i click on the icon, it starts the DosBox (Not sure what that is) and a video starts to play. I have to watch the entire video every time as there is no skip button (have tried pressing all buttons to skip, nothing seems to work). Thereafter it asks me to enter my nickname, here again no keys work, so again I am unable to enter a nickname and thus I'm not being able to play. 

I would appreciate if you can tell me a work around so that I can start playing. 

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Re: Theme Hospital Game not loading

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@akdaga1991 ,


Dosbox allows you to play old dos games, or run other dos programmes, that wouldn't otherwise work on newer computers.


To stop the video pressing Enter should work. You said you pressed all buttons to skip. You might have accidentally locked your keyboard.

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Re: Theme Hospital Game not loading

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@akdaga1991 DOSBOX is a DOS emulator, that a lot of people use to play games designed to run in DOS. Game distributors (notably EA and GOG) also use it, because it's easier than recompiling the game every few years for whatever operating systems emerge.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix the keyboard issue (I don't have it with my Origin Theme Hospital). Hopefully, @Hallie22 's idea will do the trick.
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