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The Saboteur

by joeee1o1

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Re: Saboteur map does not work under newer video drivers

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Same as most older games facing that problem, there will be no patch.  You have to create a second boot-up of your OS that runs the old driver version, or pick up a used PC at a Thrift shop and set that one up for old games, using old hardware and the old OS. 


Incidentally, this forum is for questions about the AHQ website, not about games.  The old games are in the "Other Games" category now. 




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Re: The Saboteur

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@ezelkow1 wrote:

Any response from EA on a REAL patch?  Bought this a few weeks back in a sale and just now tried to run and i get immediate crash to desktop when hitting play from the startup menu.  This is with an nvidia card and an i7-2600k, so I have 8 logical cores


You cannot actually expect customers to restrict their cores just to play one single game.  Even then I only have 8 so that shouldnt be the issue either.  I have also tried the 1.03 patch listed in the EA help/faq/whatever, and that did not fix the issue either

When you want to play the really old games, you do what you have to do.  The developers are never going to update patches for new OSes and new hardware for games that are so totally dead.  To play KotOR and NWN-1, on the old Bioware "Aurora" game engine, I dug out NOS parts left over from many past builds years ago to assemble a PC to run Windows98 and Windows 2000 on, and play the oldies on that dedicated old beastie.  




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Re: The Saboteur

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Its not that old a game though.  I would understand if maybe it was from '05 or something, but its from '09.  There were already 4physical/8logical i7 processors out in '08.  This should not be an issue.  Either way as said above it appears to only be an issue on processors with more than 8 logical cores and I have 8, so this shouldnt be the issue

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Re: The Saboteur

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save games and/or  the setup program not working

is a windows problem


read this:


win vista and above consider ini files and many others to be system control only (new undocumented file attribute)


the games save games and ini files are here

C:\Documents and Settings\Pete-or your user name\My Documents\My Games\saboteur\


ini files and many others here have system ownership and can only be written once


if you cant see or access files in that above directory chain saboteur.exe cant either


The mindnight show and knife throw game are on the PC dvd


they are download only for ps3 xbox so unless ea turns the server on console guys are screwed




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Re: The Saboteur

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ok here it is


C:\Documents and Settings\Pete\My Documents\My Games\The Saboteur™\SaveGames




and if you can't use  MyComputer to get there you need to take control

possibly of the entire directory tree (This takes some time)


MyComputer has been changed to Computer (possibly short for BillG's Computer)

  is a bit more awkward with a lame tree view but its useable


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The Saboteur won't start

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I just got the game through gamestop and downloaded from origin. The initial start up screen appears. Hit play and the screen goes and stays black. My computer makes a du-du noise. I can move the mouse around, and it changes from an arrow to a hand in someplaces but the screen stays black.


When I leave it displays an error message "The Saboteur is unable to continue due to an error initializing your graphics hardware."


I have a samsung series 7 laptop. intel i7 processor, 8gb ram, radeon 6490m graphics card. It's running windows 7 so I'm not really sure what is causing this. Any help would be appreciated.


I uninstalled and redownloaded the game, same problem. I then dug around a bit and found the patch released that was supposed to address this. I installed this and still no dice. Starting to think I wasted some money when I bought this. I hope not but ehhh.

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Re: The Saboteur won't start

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I'm having a similar issue. Purchased through Gamestop, activated through Origin. I don't even get as far as OP; After selecting Play on the Launcher, it appears to load something in the background for about a second, then the process quits suddenly with no error message. Which kinda sucks, since I wanted to play some Saboteur.

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Re: The Saboteur won't start

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Same with the boxed version. Installed my old compy recently just to see the initial start-up screen.


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Re: [The Saboteur] black screen problem

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how can i fix the screen problem .. i start playing then suddenly the picture goes blank!!!!

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No CD Key for The Saboteur

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I just brought The Sabotuer for the pc through Origin, but when i came to install it, it is asking for a cd key. I have checked my email and I havent been sent a cd key in any of the confirmation emails i got. So where do I find this cd key to?

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