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Re: The Saboteur won't launch

by Dazzling-Mr-J

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The Saboteur won't launch

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I downloaded the game via Origin Access, however it won't start. Launcher starts but the actual game does not. I am getting following log from event viewer.


Skipping creation of restore point (Process = D:\Games\Origin\The Saboteur\__Installer\directx\redist\DXSETUP.exe Saboteur\__Installer\directx\redist\DXSETUP.exe" ; Description = Installed DirectX) as there is a restore point avaliable which is recent enough for System Restore.


I am using ryzen 7 2700x, gtx 1070ti, on windows 10 pro build 1803. Latest direct x, .net and visual c++ are installed.


I have tried starting origin/game as regular user and admin user from origin and from file (even in win 7 compatibility mode).


Is there any workaround that doesn't include running from VM or installing windows 7 on pc?

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Re: The Saboteur won't launch

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@stanacevm Try installing some of the older DirectX files from the time that the game was released, many updates to software such as DirectX removes older content. 

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Re: The Saboteur won't launch

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@stanacevm Try installing some of the older DirectX files from the time that the game was released, many updates to software such as DirectX removes older content. 

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Re: The Saboteur won't launch

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Instead of having to Google to find that solution, and then manually having to implement it - why don't you fix your * game launcher.  If you're going to force folks to use that piece of crap - make it usable at least you *.  This is just more proof that EA is a pack of shitcunts

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Re: The Saboteur won't launch

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The game launcher is not the problem, it is the game itself that does not support modern PC's with 6/8/12/16 cores!  Even if you use the .exe to launch the game itself, it will refuse to load!


The origin version of the game will NOT work with processors with more than 4 cores.  Pandemic Studios folded some years ago and there are no patches available to make the Origin version of the game work on modern processors with more than 4 cores/threads.  It sadly is not EA's fault either as they did not develop the game, they just distribute it! 


GOG do offer the game, and it does seem to work with more than 4 cores/threads (even thought the GOG webpage says it will not!), so if Origin could offer the GOG version then it might solve the problems with those dissatisfied with a game that is about 10 years old!


There were reported patches that got the game working (in my experience the Origin version will never work even with these patches!) 


Even the GOG game has a disclaimer that it will not work on a PC with more than 4 physical cores. Publishers cannot make games work with new hardware when the original developer no longer exists, also it costs time and money to get these games working again. 


Its like asking for a 16 bit game to work on a 64 bit processor, unless the developer does it for free (if they still exist!). It is unlikely to happen.  I've had many games in the past that refuse to support modern graphics cards, more than single core processors, etc.   You really cannot expect a very old game to work with ALL modern PC's, there is a way of getting it to work, but involves forcing windows to start with only 4 cores!


This DOES work but is a bit of a bind to get a handful of games working when you have a beast of a PC, but then again, most games will play with only 4 cores, as gaming has not really evolved that far in development terms, they still program them to run OK with just a quad core processor.

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