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Syndicate Origin (2012) clear screen/ crash on boot solution

by ReverseifyRT

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Syndicate Origin (2012) clear screen/ crash on boot solution

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I have had this problem of a clear screen after the loading bar window, especially on laptop, finally the chat representatives recommended reverting my system to a previous backup, which I didn't do (they were still extremely nice and supportive.). It has been a while since then and I discovered a problem on Kingdom Come: Deliverance using my integrated graphics card. I realized that may have been the issue for this game an here is how I fixed it.




1. open device manager and open your GPUs and right-click and disable your integrated card.See capture Soccer ball. (NOT YOUR MAIN GPU)

2. open your syndicate files (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Syndicate\System\Win32_x86_Release) and run the program as Windows Visa compatible. See capture 2.

3. DO NOT RUN AS ADMIN. (leads to instant game crash for me)

4. Run game.(The game should run but it will be a power-point presentation)

5. Restart PC 

6. Re-enable your integrated and make sure to update both of your GPU drivers to make sure they are good. (May want to restart pc again here, wasn't needed for me though.)

7. Boot the game and enjoy!


Note: I also moved the game to my main hard drive, you can try that, or run in different compatibility. Ensure to repair files.


Note: I am not responsible for any issues that arise, I assume anyone who tries this is at least somewhat tech savvy to google this. I recommend calling customer support first and do this only as last resort.


I doubt anyone is having this problem, but if you are, I hope this helps!

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