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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Not receiving One time password

by Battlegun129

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Re: Star Wars The Old Republic: Not receiving One time password

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Thank you for the help but after 4 days icant login into the game, i tried everything you post and still nothing, Cannot log into the webpage as happens the same. Im not going to spend USD to call US for this problem, is there any way to solve this online? Thank you.

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Not Receiving SWTOR One Time Password

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There seriously seem to be a problem with the one time password system. Since 14 Oct 2013 till today 16 Oct 2013, I have been getting the OTP verification daily even though I have been using exactly the same computer and have not restarted my router. Now today since about 7.50pm (+8GMT) till now 10.20pm, I still have not received a single verification e-mail. I have already tried fixing the launcher but to no avail and I also tried using an the old OTP that I had from 15 October. I also tried logging out from the website, but the OTP still has not arrived and now I am also locked out of the swtor website. I have also checked my spam folder.

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Re: Not Receiving SWTOR One Time Password

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And now it's happened for the second time this week. The solution doesn't even work at all. The problem is really with the OTP not being sent out.

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I cant log into swtor because I never receive the one time password to log in how do I change my email?

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This is just bugging me so much Frown

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SWTOR - I Forgot my email adress, and the game asks for one-time password - Help

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Well, my problem is that after a few times that my internet connection crashed when I tried to get into the game again, it began to ask the one-time password. The point is, I do not remember the email address I signed up the game, so there is no possibility to access it and get the one-time password.

I would like to know what to do in this situation, today completes a week that I became subscribed, and I'm wasting my money and my game time. I wonder if there is a way for me to recover my account without the email, or if someone could tell it to me. This has been my account for a long time, that' s why I don't remember the email used.

Right from the start, thank you, and I ask, please, to help me asap because I'm feeling very heldback by this situation. Grateful.

I'm from Brazil, so if there is a way to recover without needing to connect to the United States, I'd be even more grateful.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Not receiving One time password

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same problem.... really want to Sub the game

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Not receiving One time password

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comeon pls fix this one time code... ,,nothing works by try to get it

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Hi (Sorry for my English " Google Translate " )
I have a serious problem with an account on SWTOR . Recently I received a mail that it has changed my email address to [edit: email address removed] but this is not and never was my choice so I restore the old address . Then I changed the password
on Origin. But there is a problem here tried with log on to SWTOR and it took me to enter the One Time Password Only it to my email address [edit: email address removed] which restored Origin to come.
Apparently my account is written on SWTOR further address [edit: email address removed] . Because the One Time Password me on my email
never sent . So I have a password on my account and have access to Origin
But how do I log in and change your email to SWTOR as One Time Password is sent to the address provided above .
I do not know how to solve this. Can you send the old and newer Screens from my account
that are stored on my computer to prove it was my account .
Thank You.
It is Original message:
Ahoj (Omlouvám se za mojí angličtinu "Google překladač")
Mám vážný problém s účtem na SWTOR. Nedávno jsem obdržel Mail že byla změněna moje Emailová Adresa na [edit: email address removed] ale tato Adresa není a nikdy nebyla moje tak sem zvolil obnovit starou Adresu. Poté sem změnil heslo 
na Origin. Ale je tu problém skusil sem se přihlásit na SWTOR a chtělo to po mě zadat One Time Password jenomže to my na Emailovou adresu [edit: email address removed] která se obnovila na Origin nepřišlo.
Podle všeho je můj účet na SWTOR psaný dále na Adresu [edit: email address removed]. Protože One Time Password mi na můj email
nikdo neposlal. Takže mám heslo na můj účet a mám přístup na Origin 
Ale jak se mám přihlásit a změnit Email na SWTOR když One Time Password je posláno na adresu uvedenou víše. 
Já nevím jak tohle vyřešit. Můžu Vám poslat Staré i Novější Screeny z mého účtu
které jsou uložené v mém v počítači abych dokázal že to je můj ůčet.   
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Not receiving One time password

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Same exact problem here. Except for me, I don't remember the password for the email of my SWTOR account.


If only they removed the one-time password. No one wanted it in the first place.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Not receiving One time password

[ Edited ]
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Same here, i have a paid subscription, bought the biggest cartel coin package, and now i cannot access my swtor account because of your ONE TIME PASSWORD which i'm suddenly not receiving anymore on my yahoo account ..its been more than 24 hours.


Without that ONE TIME PASSWORD i:
+ Can't log into the website, as it requires the one time pass, so can't use the forum.
+ Can't log into game, so can't use in game support.
+ Can't post on the forum using a different (free) account (as posting requires an active subscription)
+ Can't manage subscription and cancel recurring sub since I can't log in to do so.

+ Can't set up mobile Security Key as it requires access to my account.
+ Can't change my email address since I can't log in to do so.


There is literally nothing i can do to recover my account!!


I refuse to use expensive internationally phone support for such ignorance. You have 1 hour wait time and the costs are insane. I already paid subscription and biggest cartel coin package. FIX your mistake!! I CAN'T RECOVER MY ACCOUNT!! Who is paying me back for all the days from my subscribed membership that are just wasted right now??

CONSUMER PROTECTION should be able to cover things like this! There are millions experiencing the same exact things for months if you search the forums and nothing is done to FIX IT!



Later edit: after finding out there isn't any other option on earth to recover my account i did use swtor phone support, and theyr only solution was to read me my one time password. Happy that i was finally in my account first thing i did was try to set up mobile security key. Surprise again that page requires a second one time password despite the fact that i am already logged into my account. So i had to call them again, 20 minutes international call just to read to me the one time password for the second time. The mobile security key works like a charm because you don't have to deal with that stupid one time password via mail system but after my subscription will run out (and believe me, i will let it run out) i will have to make an international call every time when i want to log into the game!!


If your a subscribed member and don't want to go trough the hell on earth called swtor customer support, for the love of god set up the mobile security key!!

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