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Sim Golf

by expl0sivo

Original Post

Does anyone know where to Get the patch ?

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I just started playing Sid Meier's SimGolf again, but I have the glitch where it crashes when I start a big tournament. Can someone direct me to the patch 1.3 for this and how to install the patch? 



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Re: Does anyone know where to Get the patch ?

Community Manager

@spiels222 @tmlarson71 @good_sean PM's regarding the patch have been sent.

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Re: Does anyone know where to Get the patch ?

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Could you also send me the patch if it will allow me to play the game on a laptop with windows 10 64 bit installed as the OS.

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Re: Sim Golf

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I am also looking for the patch. any chance to get it?

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Sid Meier's Sim Golf won't run on Windows 10?

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I tried the game on 2 different PC's, both Windows 10. It installed fine, but when I click Play on the autorun menu, nothing ever happens. 

The game worked fine before on Windows XP.

I have all the required updates, drivers, graphics, etc.

Also tried running it in compatibility mode, and with administration access, to no avail.

Any tips to get it working? Thanks

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Re: Sim Golf

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I have the same problem under windows 10. After running the *.exe nothing happens. Have tried several compatibility settings. Nothing worked.



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Sim golf download

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I loved playing Sim golf a few years back and just got out the disc to play again but have discovered that the CD drive on my computer doesn't work-- no CDs will play in it.  Is there a way to download the game instead of using the disc?  I'd even be willing to pay for it if need be.



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Re: Sim Golf

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Same issue windows 10 2 machines, asked for raised permissions and won't start.

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Re: Does anyone know where to Get the patch ?

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So i've had the same issue on my vista laptop with the 500K crashing but never looked up any patches years ago (i kinda just assumed it was a bad disc)...anyway for me to get the patch too?


also anyone have issues running the game on windows 7 or newer? installs fine but won't run

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Sid Meier's Sim Golf Windows 8 Help

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So I pulled out this game to relive my childhood, but I'm having a problem getting this game to boot properly on Windows 8.  I have installed the game, the 1.03 patch, and tried changing all sorts of compatibility settings, but I cannot get past the opening menu. When I click play, nothing happens.  No opening cinematics, no error message, nothing. Any help would be appreciated in troubleshooting this problem. Thanks!

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