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Sim Golf

by expl0sivo

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Re: Sim Golf

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I couldn't find it on official EA sites anymore.  Just broken links.  (green download button right side)


I downloaded it, ran a virus scan and opened it up to make sure it was what it said it was.  99% sure it's legit.


From Notes  (includes 1.01, 02 and 03)


Sid Meiers SimGolf v1.01 Patch Notes (1/29/2002
Resolves an issue with occasional crashes for tournaments that
had prize awards of 500k or more.
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Re: Sim Golf

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I picked it back up too, but stuck on how to charge daily fees. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Sim Golf

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@Yendorma Hi,


It's been a very long time I played this game, but if I recall correctly, you need to reach a certain amount of holes in order to open it. It was either 6 or 9.


Are you close to that and can check whether that is the case?


Two links that should be helpful: 




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Re: Sim Golf

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@Yendorma I gave this a try at home yesterday.

Once you open the first hole, you ll get revenue from everyone playing that hole.

The magic number for the course is indeed 6. If you press the "i" button and then select "SGA Evaluation", it will show you how far along you are until your course can be opened.

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Re: Sim Golf

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Thanks. Sometimes you dig out old games, get hit with "...I should play this again!" but darned if you can't find the manual or remember how the heck to play. That was driving me nuts, googled it, found nothing.

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Re: Sim Golf

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I have noticed you are providing a link to the patch that will allow us to play 500K tournaments, would you mind doing the same for me?

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Re: Sim Golf

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Hi could I also get the link to the 1.02 patch please?

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SimGolf on Windows 10?

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Found my old game cd's and now have a bug to play.  Can't seem to get it to run in any mode I try.  Does anyone know the secret?  Is there a patch for it to at least run in Windows 7 .  Thanks in advance

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Re: SimGolf on Windows 10?

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The following articles may help you play on Windows 10:

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Re: Sim Golf

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Could you please sent me the patch for Sid Meiers SimGolf? I just started playing the game again also. I used the link from above and downloaded the patch, I just have not idea how to install the patch. Maybe I didn't get the right patch. I get this message:


SimGolf Patch v1.03

Contains SimGolf executable and readme files which address issues from the shipped version (see readme.text for details).

Extract the contents of this exctable to the default Sid Meier’s SimGolf root directory.


(How do I do this) ??


Thanks for the help! 

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