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Sim Golf

by expl0sivo

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Re: Sim Golf

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i got it running by adding it to Steam as a non-steam game

i'll retest it shortly 

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Re: Sim Golf

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I feel like simply adding it to steam as a nonsteam game will not bypass the now defunct drm software that is plaguing all of us on Windows 10 but I suppose stranger things have happened...

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Re: Sim Golf

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Can you pm the patch for simgolf??

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Re: Sim Golf 500k tourn glitch

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Can you PM the latest patch? I have also recently been dying to play Sim Golf again

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Re: Sim Golf

[ Edited ]
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<link removed by CM> install 2 patch and 3  then if wiun 10 user change compatibility mode to win 7 or xp for me vista work run batch tog et sound ENJOYYY AND EVER GO TO ORIGIN IT SUX



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Re: Sim Golf

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Can I please have the patch link too?

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Re: Is it possible to get all of the patches for Sim Golf? Thanks

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Could you please send me the latest patch for Sim Golf as well.  Thanks!

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