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Sim Golf

by expl0sivo

Original Post

Re: Does anyone know where to Get the patch ?

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Hi, I too am looking for SimGolf 1.03 patch.


Please help!

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Re: Sim Golf

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Figured it out, it won't run on Windows 10 because Safedisk is no longer installed/supported in windows 10.

All we can hope is that Maxis/EA and GOG or Origin comes with a downloadable version that does not require Safedisk

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Sim Golf - Windows 10 - Help!

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Sim Golf - Windows 10 - how can I get this game to work on Windows 10?  I am running it in XP compatibility mode, as suggested with the troubleshooter.  I am running it as administrator.  When I run the program it does not load and instead I get the Windows box pop up that asks me if the game loaded correctly or if I need to run troubleshooter again.

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Need help running simgolf on Windows 10

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I'm looking for the patch that would enable this to run on Windows 10.  Where can I find it?

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Windows 10

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Was anyone able to figure out how to get sim golf to work on Windows 10?

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Re: Need help running simgolf on Windows 10

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I too need help running Sim Golf on a windows 10 machine. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Far too old for Windows 10

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The Sim Golf game is fourteen years old now, I imagine it was difficult getting it running on Windows 8 / 8.1, and IMO, it will be impossible in Win-10.   It is so old that no work on it has been done on it in a dozen years, and it never will be worked on again, sorry!

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Re: Simgolf is just too old to run on Windows 10

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After I answered your query, both your post and my reply were added to the ongoing message thread relating to Simgolf messages on AHQ.

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SimGolf on Win7+ later

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I don't know whether it's the same on Windows 10 but after a ton of research I managed to get SimGolf (and a load of other old games) working on Windows 7 by enabling the secdrv.sys driver which was disabled by a Microsoft security update. I think it has something to do with a certain type of DRM used on older games but certain ones just weren't working at all for me (Rise of Nations for one), as in I'd double click the launch exe and nothing whatsoever happened. To do it, open command prompt as administrator (in the run box in the start menu type cmd, right click on command prompt and run as admin), and type: sc config secdrv start= auto. After you're done playing (and if you're worried about security) disable the driver again by typing: sc config secdrv start= disabled. Hope this helps someone!

Read the MS article here:

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Re: SimGolf on Win7+ later

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@samnunn92that command fixed it. Right after I entered in into CMD the gamed launched right up next try.

Note: I am running windows 10 so I can vouch for it being a valid windows 10 fix. :D

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