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SSX Remake

by Nocster86

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SSX Remake

★★ Newbie

Is there any plans to remake the SSX (ps3) or atleast a follow up?

Its a great game and I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing for more of the arcade, trick filled action it has.


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Re: SSX Remake

Community Manager

Hey @Nocster86 I am not aware of any plans for a new SSX game but I will pass your feedback on.


What would you like to see from a new entry in the series?


I'd love to see a free roam system where you get to explore at your own speed and form new lines.


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Re: SSX Remake

★★ Newbie

I'd like to see alot of what we saw in the previous game for the ps3 system, the fast paces, the crazy over the top tricks, and I also really like finding those geotags left behind by others.

Your idea of freeroam would be great too, just take a ride down a complete mountain, doing tricks and really get to know the area would be a nice thing to just take it easy with every now and then so as a extra mode its an amazing idea.

As for other features, maybe an on and offline mode where to challenge friends in the slopes, with costum rules and tracks on the standard map, so you don't edit terrain but just length, type, direction, and so on?

And building on that idea;  perhaps a mountain editor where you can choose a mountain pre set type with that mountains type of danger (avalanche/ice/so on) and then build the tracks by yourself and upload them for the community to download and enjoy, and also to challenge friends at in real time Competitions or Choose to download friends and/or other players ghosts, which can help yourself to further improve your game).

Collecting points in game for winning and collecting geo tags to buy in game items both cosmetics and also the developers could make ingame tournaments for cosmetic prizes, doesn't have to be real time but maybe just who holds the best score at a sertain track during a set time?


I could probably go on forever with ideas I think, maybe not all are good but some are I think.



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