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by fckheswa

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Will there be a rugby video game after the world cup?

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I really do think that EA are missing out on one of the greatest opportunity's by not making a rugby game... the amount of attraction RWC 2015 has got is immense but sadly small time developers make complete C**k ups of the game, i could guarantee they would see sales significantly higher then rugby 08 if they where to make the game... it's so sad that they are missing on this opportunity and they're not in a hurry to make a game any time soon, would you want to see a rugby game???

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how to download rugby 08

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Dear Sirs


Website says EA Sports Rugby 08 is available as a PC download, but I can't find a download button


please help


Many thanks



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Rugby 08 download

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Where can I download rugby 08? Why at the site theres no download button for rugby08? Please fix it EA. I want to play rugby game since EA does not release another rugby games after rugby 08. I also hope that EA could bring back rugby game in 2017 just like FIFA that have many improvements every year. Because the other rugby games like Rugby Challenge and Rugby15 are bad. Their gameplay all suck not real. The rucks and scrum not like in the real life. I believe EA can do again rugby game and gain many rugby supporter again.
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hello EA! Where can I download rugby08 PC game? Is it in the origin? 

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Re: rugby

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@firhanrizani Sorry, we don't sell it any more. I think the only place to get it now would be to get a physical edition. 



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when will EA bring another Rugby game out?

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when will EA bring another Rugby game out? Because the last one they made was in 2008 and that was so good! I think it will be very popular and such a good game on PS4 and XBOX.

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Game suggestions

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Where can I talk directly to the EA manager? Because I want to suggest a new rugby game.
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Re: Game suggestions

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If you post it here, someone may pass it on for you @firhanrizani. You can also use social media and send it to the official pages.

- MorningTimeCloud, No longer active on this site. You can contact me here.

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Why has EA Sports not made a Rugby Game

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EA has made FIFA, Madden, NBA, NHL and even Golf games. They still have not made a Rugby game. Rugby is a sport played in over 120 counties by over 5 million people and adorned by much, much more. So the question still remains, why have EA not made a Rugby game it's a great idea and would make lots of sales.


EA please make a Rugby game, we all want you too.

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Re: Why has EA Sports not made a Rugby Game

Community Manager



We have made Rugby games in the past and may do so again in the future:

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