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by fckheswa

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EA Sports

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Hey EA was just wondering if yous would consider buying the rights and making a game for NRL... It's a great sport and all its lacking is a good game. Big Ant is ruining virtual rugby league and it would be great if you guys could step in and a make a game for league as good as the ones you made for union... Actually speaking of rugby union why don't you guys make that anymore either? 

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Re: EA Sports

Community Manager

@YungBallrMC Hi,


Unfortunately I am currently not aware of any plans for a new Rugby game. Should this change in the future, we will let you know of course.




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New game

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Hi EA sports, 


I am writing to you to bring an idea for a new sports game,


If you have ever seen a Rugby League game across the world or in Australia you would understand the pyshicality and strength of the players. 


Creating an Rugby League game would capture the culture and pyschicality of the game, just turn on the tv and watch a State of Origin game between NSW and QLD. 


Making a Rugby League game would be amazing for the fans, because to be honest the attempts made previously by other studios were disapointing.





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Re: New game

Community Manager

@dom_slr_merc Hi,


I merged your reply with an existing one from fellow Rugby fans. Unfortunately I am currently not aware of any plans for a new Rugby game. Should this change in the future, we will let you know of course.




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Rugby 08

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When I run Rugby 08 on windows 8.1 pc the Rugby 08 title opens and then it freezes and I have to restart my computer, any help on fixing this problem??

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Re: Rugby 08

Community Manager

Try running this game incompatibility mode for previous versions of Windows. Try XP(SP3) or Vista(SP2).


You can see some info on this here:

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Rugby League

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Rugby League is a game that spans across many major countries in the world, the biggest being England, France, Australia and New Zealand, but also including many Pacific nations. The NRL, National Rugby League is the greatest league in the world for this particular sport, and it plays host to teams from Australia and one New Zealand team.


I love what EA Sports has done with the FIFA franchise, and I am confident that if there was a game of even near this quality revenue would be generated, as it is well loved in Australia. Big Ant studios, as well as Tru Blu games has ruined the Rugby League video gaming and people are begging for the most popular sport in Australia and New Zealand to get a well made, smooth video game by the best company, EA Sports.


NRL has huge impacts, and would be an enthralling and gripping video game if made well. So please, take it into consideration. Would mean a lot to many Rugby League fans. Just sick of paying $100 for a game that is nowhere near to the quality of the EA Sports games.




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Rugby game?

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Hi EA,


I was just wondering whether there will ever be a rugby game with ultimate team like FIFA?


This would be really cool if there was and im sure many others would enjoy it?

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Will EA make a Rugby Union game this year

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Dear EA,


Over the last few months speculation has been growing that you will make a Rugby union game for this years RWC. Can you please confirm these rumours or at least put me out of my anxiety and say it won't happen.


From Joe

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Re: Rugby

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EA sports please bring back the rugby games no one makes it better then you guys... Imagine how much money you would make with the rugby union world cup coming up??    



aslo Look at how much sucess fifa ultimate team, madden,nba and the hockey games have had with the game and also with ultimate team... now imagine this with a rugby game and ultimate team? now that would be the best game I could ever imagine. you would surely make alot of money.


Why does madden, hockey, nba and fifa all get a turn with you making them with an ultimate team... bring back the rugby games with a bang just after or before the world cup you would make millions .. (also with ultimate team) thanks. 



Standard smile)))






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