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by fckheswa

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EA Sport Rugby 2014

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Are there any plans for a FIFA/Madden style Rugby Union game? the only recent addition to this area is Rugby Challenge 2 which suffers from massive licensing issues in the same way that a lot of games which competed with both Fifa and Madden etc.

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Re: EA Sport Rugby 2014

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I'm not aware of any plans for a game of this nature any time soon. As ever, keep an eye open for any announcements, but in this case it's a "no" for now.

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EA Sport Rugby 2014

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Are you going to finally make a new rugby game?
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rugby 14

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why have you made all these fifa games with ultimate teams and that and why havent ou got a new rugby 14 out, and at least in rugby 14 (if you ever make it) have all the player in the team dont have random people instead of well known people like rugby challange 2 have done. loads of people would buy rugby 14 as me and possibly many others are fed up of just fifa! 

so please think about make a rugby 14 and onwards please for all of us rugby fans!

ps do it soon

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Rugby Union

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Will you ever make a rugby game
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Re: Rugby - off topic in this forum

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You are in the wrong place to ask.  This forum is dedicated to questions about the Answers HQ website itself, not any requests for new Rugby games. 


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Re: Rugby - off topic in this forum

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Post moved to Other EA Games.

As for the question, we have no info on any rugby games. Be sure to keep an eye on gaming media and for any announcements on upcoming projects.

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Create a Rugby 2015

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Let's face it, there are more people watching and playing Rugby than football, and EA has never made a Rugby game like FIFA 14, wouldn't it be great? The tackling physics from Madden, the believability of the movements, I am writing a total report and form on how they should build IRB15, and this is just the taste.

1) Gameplay - Knowing the basic rules of Rugby can help with programming actions (No front passing) is an example, the passing mechanic must be different because unlike in FIFA 14, you can't pass in front of you. Tackling is important, individual parts of the body are important for injuries and strong blocking, to implement a good engine for IRB15 would to be the tackle physics from Madden (No tackle is the same).

2) Xbox Live/Playstation Network - Two words, ULTIMATE TEAM, Implementing stats and ratings from FIFA 14 would be perfect in IRB, like (Shane Williams - Pace 92) or (Ben Tamifuna - Strength 78) or something like that, add packs, coins, points, charisma, kits and Multiplayer games, and please create good avatars for each player (no one wants Sexton to look any more like Rooney). Add clubs from all leagues and countries.

3) Marketing - EA Sports will need permission from IRB for each logo, which wont be to difficult.

So that's all for this first recommendation, please message me about what you want to include in IRB15 and I'll make a new synopsis of the idea

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Re: Making a Rugby Game?

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doint avoid the question its the law to have a rugby game

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