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Populous: The Beginning

by franktubbs

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Re: Colors are distorted in older game

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@drproctor1692 Hi,


Which GPU are you using? I noticed similar reports here. Someone had suggested this for a related issue.




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How to play Populous in Windows 7?

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I just bought Populous: the Beginning but i cant play it well on Windows 7 x64, the colors are bad. I had try the compatibility mode but cant find the right one. Pls help.


Thanks!  Confusedmileyfrustrated:

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I'm so far beyond the recommended specs for Populas the beginning. And am using 2gb DDR5 Nvidia GPU, AMD A10 Quad Core, and 8gb DDR3 Ram.

System 7 64bit. As for not being able to buy game. I got it through the Origin Client Store. Maybe you could check there. I tried all possible compatibility settings. Ran as XP, ran with 256 colors, 32 bit, etc. The game launches fine, but when I get in game the graphics show a bunch of random sized and colored boxes. Large boxes, anywhere from around an inch square to 3 inches square. And the random colors are all dark colors, like dark forest green, or dark night blue vs sky blue, etc. I am having same issue with Wing Commander III Eye of Tiger. I bought Populas, and Wing Commander was on the house. I also purchased Dragon Age II with all DLC, and purchased Plants vs Zombis and Peggel. those 3 work great, no problems. Wing Commander runs in dos box, so that might be the problem with it. But Populas is stand alone game. Sounded like it would be a fun game to play. But so far haven't been able to find out. Hopefully I can get this issue fixed, so I can find out.

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Populous: The Beginning Graphical Issue

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I recently downloaded Populous: The Beginning from Origin and it doesn't seem to work on Windows 7 64-bit. The colors are so distorted the game is unplayable. None of the solutions I've found online are of any help.

I've reinstalled

I've messed with all the options

I've tried the screen resolution solution

The only thing I haven't done is try the registry edit, but I'm not going to unless someone can confirm it's a working fix.

Here's a picture

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Re: Populous: The Beginning Graphical Issue

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@Jolly0428 Hi,


I have moved your post to the Populous: The Beginning thread on the Other EA Games boards. Please check out what I had posted here previously:

@EA_Nils wrote:


Which GPU are you using? I noticed similar reports here. Someone had suggested this for a related issue.





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Re: Colors are distorted in older game

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Sometimes colour palette corruption is caused by Windows Explorer.  Try killing that and launching the game via Win+R (Run).

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Re: Colors are distorted in older game

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Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated. Anyone else having luck with this?
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Populous the Beginning

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i would like to know if EA games would ever consider makeing a remastered version of Populous the Beginning? its a game i would love to be able to play again!

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Graphics problem - Populous: the beginning

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I love this game and played it when it first came out in 1998. I have downloaded from origin onto my windows 7 running laptop and it works but is in very strange colours. i know it's an old game but is there any fix to this?

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Re: Graphics problem - Populous: the beginning

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@ROBJON112 Hi,


You could go to the compatibility tab for the shortcut you run to start the game. (Right click short cut > Properties > Compatibility). Now see whether you are able to select Run in 256 colors (under Settings). If that still doesn't work, you can try checking some of the other boxes there as well.




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