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Re: Populous the beginning wont start

by ytchamgamer

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Re: Populous: The Beginning

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The problem could be the version of your Operating System is incompatible with the game; i.e. the game was made for a 32-bit OS, but you are trying to play it on a 64-bit OS. I'm afraid it won't work. I have a Dell Optiplex 380 PC with the 32-bit version of Windows XP installed and the game loads and runs fine. My advice to you would be to back up all your data, uninstall your current OS, then try loading the game after you've installed the 32-bit version of your OS instead.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Populous the beginning wont start

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How can i start the poptb without origin starts?, every time i try to start the game the origin launcher starts and nothing more happends, (sorry for my bad english), i think if i could only start poptb.exe maybe will be possible play, how to stop origin to start when i try to open the game?, when i try to play the game it only attempt to start the game and then suddenly stops and crash. i need help please.



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Re: Populous the beginning wont start

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how do you close origin and stop of being launched when you start the game?
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Re: Populous: The Beginning

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If i were you, i would request for a refund. They should have taken it off the site years ago. They need to stop putting in old games that won't work on these computers anymore.

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