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Re: Pet Society

by timonkapec

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Pet Society

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I don't know if this matters any more considering pet society is closed
But Party Town totally ripped items from playfish. Add well as other companies. from

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Re: Pet Society

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Thank you very much for making us aware, we will review this.

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Re: Pet Society

Community Manager
Thank you very much for making us aware, we will review this.
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Getting rid of a very popular game that everyone would like back.

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 EA please listen to what I'm trying to say. Thank you!

EA the thing is that you got rid of a lifetime lovable game that I used to play when I was a young one. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about the wonderful game Pet Society. People have wanted Pet Society but all they have gotten were negative replies from what they wanted and still want. If only you would bring Pet Society back because they have hashtags and fanpages and it may not trend too much now but think about if you do bring it back, even on origin, they would pay to have it and it would be just as popular as sims. I think you would get millions and millions if you brought it back! Think about how you might get more attention! Pet Society brought cheer a happiness to my life and everyone else's! Just make it come back!


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Pet Society for consoles please!

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From what I understand, EA is the parent company of Playfish (which is now non-existent). EA should make a console version of Playfish's game Pet Society.  Instead of a 2D city make it 3D with the main focus of the game being customization.  Let the player customize their character along with their house and city.  Players could join up with friends to compete in various games (like fishing, races, puzzles, etc.) to win money to customize their character, house, or city even more.  I miss my pet (aka: Guacamole).

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Re: Pet Society for consoles please!

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Exactly what I had in mind ! It would be a great idea for a new game, well old game turned into a new one. I also understand the concept of party city and pet city etc. But pet society was original and no other copy cat game like that would top it. Please bring it into a console or Pc game or bring it back on Facebook.

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Re: Pet Society

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Please bring it back, i just remember and missed Pet Society so much. I'll pay it, it worth to buy. Please hear my and other opinions
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Re: Pet Society

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Hi, you’ve probably had a lot of this from people. A new version of pet society has been released. It’s nothing like the original, will there be a return of Pet Society at all? It was probably the best game as part of my childhood. 


Thank you. 

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Re: Pet Society

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Please bring back Pet Society! I miss it so much, one of my favourite games ever.

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