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When I was six, I used to play this game on a Compaq Presario running Windows ME. I was going nuts because I couldn't find anything about it online. I just recently hooked the dino up, and managed to take the entire game diretory and burn it to a CD. 


This game is called OZONE. I will copy pasta the readme so that you don't think I'm crazy. 

I can't find ANYTHING about it online. [Removed] If I can start the game, and play it one more time, it will be like I'm six again.






(Multilingual version 1.6.1)


This file is a summary of the commands for OZone. It also includes
troubleshooting tips. Please read it carefully before continuing
with the installation process.

OZone is an action flight game that can also be played online over
the Internet. The software includes the game, Intel(R) Indeo(R),
Intel RSX and Microsoft* DirectX drivers. The game requires an
installed browser and Internet connection for online play.

First release version (English only) : 1.6.0 (10.15.97)
Second release version (Multilingual) : 1.6.1 (11.10.97)

- Intel Pentium(R) II processor.
- 32 MB RAM.
- AGP video card.
- AWE64 sound card.
- 8x speed CD/DVD-ROM.
- Windows* 95 OSR2.1 or Windows* 98.

- 28.8 Kbps Modem.
- Internet connection with TCP/IP-compatible protocol and web browser.

Insert the OZone CD into the CD/DVD drive on your computer. If the
OZone installation screen does not appear after a few seconds, double
click on the My Computer icon then on the CD icon. The installation
program will guide you through the rest of the installation process.

1. Start the Windows* operating system.
If the Ozone CD is already in your CD drive, open the START menu
and point to Programs>Ozone.
Next select PLAY OZONE OFF LINE or if you have an Internet connection
and want to play online select PLAY OZONE ONLINE. The introductory
screens appear and the game begins.
If the Ozone CD is NOT already in your CD drive, insert the cd into
your CD drive. The Autorun menu appears.

Note: if the Autorun menu does not automatically appear, Double-click
the My Computer icon on your Desktop, then double-click the icon
corresponding to your computer's CD drive. The Autorun menu appears.

2. From the Autorun menu, click PLAY ONLINE or PLAY OFFLINE to play Ozone.
The introductory screens appear, and the game begins.

Escape from Earth and go home to Omega 7. Fly and fight your way up the 5
Arenas to the final one, the Ozone arena, from which you can fly back home
to Omega 7.

1) Transferring to the next zone : In order to be transferred to the
next zone, your ship must pass through the gate (which is a big ring
floating in mid-air), loaded with full gate energy. Passing through the
gate with insufficient energy will not activate the gate.

2) Getting gate energy : This can be done in two ways - collecting gate
energy units spread over the arena or collecting gate energy
generators. The generators look similar to the gate energy units, but
instead of immediately increasing the ship's accumulated gate energy by
a certain amount, it slowly generates gate energy while being attached
to your ship. Gate energy generators can also be released. Releasing
them is recommended when an increase in ship performance is needed, or
when being chased by powerful enemies. Up to 4 generators can be carried
at the same time. The HUD (Heads Up Display) shows the direction to the
nearest gate energy unit/generator.

3) Getting ship energy and weapon/defense packs : The ship energy and
weapon packs (also gate energy units and generators) are usually
floating in mid-air. In order to obtain them, just fly
through them. The amount of weapons and defense units that can be
carried by your ship is limited, so there is no point, for example, in
taking a missile pack when you already have the maximum amount of

4) Ship energy : decreases whenever your ship is hit by weapons fire,
or if it touches the surface. If ship energy drops to zero, the next hit
will destroy the ship. Ship energy can be obtained by collecting the
different ship energy packs, floating in the arena.

5) Defense units : There are two kinds of defense units: shield and
invisibility. Shield protects your ship from being hit but also
prevents you from using weapons or grabbing packs. You can however,
pass though the gate with shields active if you have sufficient gate
energy. Invisibility units makes you invisible to your fellow aliens
and to humans. Invisibility does not protect you from being hit - if
enemies are shooting directly at you, even if they do not see you, you'll
get hit. The shield and invisibility units have a limited activity time
and can be deactivated by re-pressing the activation button.

6) Weapons : There are 5 types of weapons that can be used by the
player. The first one is the laser - there is an unlimited amount of
laser power but it can be used only for a few seconds each time. In the
network game, the human controlled aliens are protected from the laser.
The second weapon is the guided missile. The missile can be launched at
any time. If the cross in the middle of the sight is white, then the
missile will fly straight ahead and will explode in the air, damaging no
one. If the cross is a green color, the missile will follow the target,
but may miss it. When the cross is red, the missile will always hit the
target. The third weapon is the mine - a mine explodes when an object is
close enough to it (any object, including the player's ship itself).
After being laid, the mine can only be seen by the player who released
it. The fourth weapon is the Cluster pack - a pack contains 5 missiles,
and when launched, each missile selects a different target and flies
towards it. The fifth weapon is the dummy gate energy generator. It is
launched like a missile, but when it hits a alien ship it sticks to the
ship, making everyone think that ship has a generator. The target ship
cannot release it by itself. After a few seconds it explodes, damaging
the ship it was attached to. If the dummy generator did not hit
anything after launched, will look like a gate energy generator and
explode if an alien tries to grab it.

7) Radar : The radar shows the objects near the player's ship. It can
display them in multiple resolutions. Not all objects (like packs and
missiles) appear on radar. The radar display is important, for example
when you need to track down an alien carrying gate energy generators.

Keys Actions
--------------- -------------------------------------
1 - 5 Select a specific weapon

F1 - F5 Select a different camera view

A Accelerate
Z Decelerate
R Release a generator
M Initialize a message (network game)
I Activate an invisible defense unit
S Activate a shield unit

Space Fire current weapon
Keypad + Decrease height
Keypad - Increase height
Left arrow Turn left
Right arrow Turn right
Up arrow Pitch down
Down arrow Pitch up
Esc Exit the game
Backspace Rear view
Tab Change radar resolution

Joystick Actions
--------------- -------------------------------------
X-axis Turn left or right
Y-axis Pitch up or down
Button 1 Fire
Button 2 Toggle weapons
Throttle Increase/Decrease speed

Microsoft* DirectX: Microsoft* DirectX is an Application Programming
Interface that gives Windows* 95 applications high-performance, real-time
access to your hardware. It also reduces the complexity of installing and
configuring your hardware. This makes the Microsoft* DirectX API well suited
for Windows* 95 games. Ozone uses the Microsoft* DirectX 5.0 API (the latest
iteration of Microsoft* DirectX at the time of release) and includes DirectX
5.0 files which you can install.

If you are experiencing crashes to the desktop or lockups, check to make
sure all of your drivers are up to date and Microsoft* DirectX certified.
Microsoft* DirectX is the interface that Windows* 95 uses to play games.
In order to play a game on a system you need to have drivers for your audio
and video cards which are Microsoft* DirectX compliant. To check for Microsoft*
DirectX certification, try this:

- Put the game CD in the CDROM drive
- Click on the START button
- Type DXSETUP.EXE in the NAMED box
- In the LOOK IN box, specify your CDROM drive.
- Click on FIND NOW
- In the box below, double-click on DXSETUP

Each component is listed along with the version of the driver (if present),
and the certification of the driver.

If the driver shows as being certified, that means that the driver has
been tested and has been verified to work with the Microsoft* DirectX
interface. If a driver shows as having "No Hardware Support," this means
that the driver present is not a Microsoft* DirectX compliant driver.
In this case, Microsoft* DirectX will deal with the device the best that
it can, but it is unpredictable as to whether or not the device will be
stable. It is common in this situation for a game to work for a few times,
and then just stop working for no apparent reason. If a driver shows as
having "No Hardware Support", the best course of action is to contact either
the manufacturer of the computer or the device (audio or video) in regards
to obtaining an updated, certified driver.

Some drivers will have a blank space in the certification column, this
means that the driver has been detected as a Microsoft* DirectX driver,
but it was not tested and certified at the time that this particular version
of Microsoft* DirectX was released. This is common on newer systems and when
a system has newer drivers than what shipped with that particular version of
Microsoft* DirectX. Having a blank space is often a good thing, but it can not
be verified whether or not the driver is stable.

Most video and audio cards do have Microsoft* DirectX compliant drivers, but
there are more than a few that don't or have uncertified drivers. The
Microsoft* DirectX interface is not specific to Electronic Arts products and
all of the games for Windows* 95 are being developed using this interface.
If your system does not have Microsoft* DirectX compliant drivers, it is very
possible that your system will not be capable of running other games as well.

If you are experiencing mouse trails while in the pause menu, this is
due to the limitation of the Microsoft* DirectX API and not the game.

Audio and video Problems

Most audio problems that we encountered resulted from uncertified Microsoft*
DirectX drivers. Please contact your computer or sound card manufacturer
for updated drivers for you sound card.


If you are experiencing problems with your joystick, make sure that you
calibrate it in Windows first, and then again inside the game in the
controller setup menu.

Electronic Arts Product Support now offers troubleshooting guides that
overcome some common difficulties. If you have access to the World Wide Web,
You can find these guides at

Here you will find troubleshooting information on Microsoft* DirectX, Joysticks,
Modems, and Networks, as well as information on regular system maintenance
and perfomance.

If you have any question about the program, our Technical Support Department
can help. If your question isn't urgent, please write to us at:

Electronic Arts Technical Support
P.O. Box 7578
San Mateo, CA 94403-7578

If you need to talk to someone immediately, call us at:

Electronic Arts US: 650-572-2787
Electronic Arts Japan: 81-3-5436-6499

UK 01753 546465
Germany 00 49 2408 940 55
France 00 33 4 72 53250
Spain 00 34 91 7545540
Sweden 00 46 8 5903015

Within Australia: 1 902 261 600 (95 cents per min.) CTS 7 days a week
10 AM - 8 PM. If under 18, parental permission is required.

Within Taiwan:
Customer Support's phone number is (886)-2-7476504 (local call charges
apply - weekdays/office hours only)

Within Singapore:
Customer Support's phone number is (64) 275 6288 (local call charges
apply - weekdays/office hours only)

Within China:
Customer Supports' phone number is (86) 10 6235 1225 (local call charges
apply - weekdays/office hours only)

To make a customer warranty claim please contact the manufacturer of your computer.

* All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

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Re: Ozone

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Hi, this is years after your post so not expecting a reply. I too am looking for this game. do you have the files? it is impossible to get.


Many thanks



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Re: Ozone

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Hello! My curiosity was piqued again. Someone has posted a video of the intro on YouTube! 

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