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Nearly every day my PC will crash at least once.

by HenryBraxton

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Nearly every day my PC will crash at least once.

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Nearly every day my PC will crash at least once. Freeze might be more accurate but it never resumes until I shut it off. It's like somebody paused a video and the sound stops. Every once in a while I get the average "Blue Screen of Death" with the audio repeating the last half a second played, but that seems to be a different issue. If I'm lucky my PC will go a few weeks with no issues, then crash multiple times a day. Usually playing more demanding or recent games (Overwatch and MGSV for example) will crash more often than others (TF2 and Civ5). My temperature readout can range from 50°C to 65°C and it doesn't seem like there's any obvious cause. Drivers seem to be up to date. Even if I turn down the graphics settings to minimum my PC will crash.

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Re: [PC] Crashing when trying to access Docks: Holding Area on Citadel in base g



I understand your problem, but this is an EA help board, not a general PC help board, and non of the games you listed are EA games.

(That's why I moved your post out of the Mass Effect board.)


Is this also happening with EA Games?


Please create a DxDiag in text file format and post it with your next reply.

Also go to your Reliability monitor > Press the Windows key and "R" at the same time and copy and paste or type "perfmon /rel" (without the quotes) in the new Window > hit “ENTER” and look if it has entries for the games you have trouble with.

If yes double click at the last entry for the game executable, copy the info to the clipboard, and save it to a text file.


You can attach the DxDiag text file you created (and the “Reliability monitor” text file as well) to your post in the “Reply” window with the “Choose File” button. 


This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

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Re: Nearly every day my PC will crash at least once.

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If you're getting blue screens and freezes id give this a shot. . Instead of me typing out how to test your ram just follow these instructions on how to run the built in memory test. Ram and hard drives can cause blue screens and freezes. This test is simple enough to try and see if you find any major errors. If its the ram then that's a cheap fix. If your ram is good then I would try a clean reinstall of windows and see if the problem persists after that. If after a clean install you are still having problems then it's probably your hard drive/drivers. There are programs to check your hard drive health and performance levels as well.



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