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Re: NCAA Teambuilder still isn’t working

by snoopy63

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NCAA Teambuilder still isn’t working

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Ok, the teambuilder website has been down for 8 months now, and no progress has bewn made. I have been trying to reach out to somebody to ask them, but nobody will answer. This is stupid! I just want to know what’s taking them so long to fix this!! I just bought the game and really want to make my own college but this isn’t letting me do that! If someone who works for ea is looking at this, please start to fix it, or let someone else fix it, we all want the website to work.

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Re: NCAA Teambuilder still isn’t working

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Seriously, can someone from EA just tell us it's done so i can finally trade this game back in and get my 99 cents from gamestop...

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Re: NCAA Teambuilder still isn’t working

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It's truly ashame that team builder is no longer available.


It be very nice if teambuilder was it's own game. Even if it meant for us to not create any college teams. 


But allowing us to create our own personal teams and personal marching band music.


It's truly ashamed that the college athletics ruined it for the fans and gamers. All because of greed.

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