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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder

by VettaForzaDude

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NCAA 14 Teambuilder

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When using teambuilder for ncaa 14, it will not let me save a school. I also cannot edit a team I have previously created.

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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder

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Having the same issue here saving schools. "Save failed", and it tells me to check my internet connection. My connection is fine.
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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder

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me Too we need to start a new feed about this topic because the lock the last one
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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder

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No, we don't need to start a new feed. We all know, and EA knows (especially the community managers) about this issue. We have been asking for weeks and weeks. They are looking into the issue. Please don't spam any more messages, they will lock this thread. They will more than likely move this thread to the locked thread to keep everything in the same place.

Just give it time and they will let us know what's going on.
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