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Jane's USAF

by ssgtfubarks

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Re: Jane's F/A 18 sim won't start on windows 10

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Microsoft released a tool for managing a "Virtual" computer within one of the Windows operating systems (Windows 7), within which you could install older versions of Windows, (but not for any Pre-NT Windows versionm, it seems), assuming that tool remains compatible with Windows 10.  I recall thinking I would test it (called "Virtual PC"), and perhaps even downloaded a copy, but somehow I never found the time, and forgot about it. 


A modern computer isn't backward-compatible enough for Windows98 without physically altering certain aspects.  That was a 32-bit operating system with strong ties to a 16-bit command-line predecessor, MS-DOS,  It was unhappy with memory amounts greater than 512 MBs, and could not deal with the NTFS file system introduced with Windows NT, requiring FAT16 or FAT32 file systems. 


Never having experimented with the Virtual Windows software, I had no idea whether or not it emulated smaller RAM amounts and a different file system for a pre-NT Windows to operate in; this question aroused my curiosity.


Here's where it is available for download. 


P. S.  I've taken a little time to scan some of the material on that Microsoft page, and pre-NT products were not among the "Guest" versions provided for, nor were the original pair of NT Windows included (Windows 2000 and Windows NT). 

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Re: Jane's fighter games: good solution here

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Depending on your part of the world, there may be a local "Thrift Shop" nearby.  Check them out!  I've seen complete, ready to run Windows98 (desktop) systems for $25 and even less at Good Will's stores. 



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Re: Jane's F/A 18 sim won't start on windows 10

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Just happened to tumble on this thread, and though I didn't test this on Windows 10, I found a workaround for Jane's F/A 18 under Win 8.1.


Go to :'s_F-18_and_Windows_8.1_64#Post3992907   (I provided some explanations and linked my youtube video for more details) 


It's kinda tricky but it does the job for me. You could try this on Windows 10. Who knows ? 

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Re: Jane's F/A 18 sim won't start on windows 10

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@andromedius Thanks for sharing that, much appreciated!

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Flight Simulator

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I had been played with Flight Simulator X Steam but I had been boring with the old files and never update with the land, graphics, weather, planes, and etc.. They always want to buy a add-ons for flight simulator. but when I saw on this game as racing simulator and it is been much better than flight simulator. Always getting new and been better quality and always keeps update. When I played with flight simulator and I saw freeware but there is no virtual *pit but some there are. It is not likely accuracy as racing simulator. I don't want waste to buy add-ons, expensive game as $100 dollar for advance game. Keep simple and keep real.


Here is the main essential for people that they needs:

-Always update the land graphic as a google maps

- Weather and Natural disaster

-ATC nor without ATC

-New airports and upgrade airport

-Ground Service

-Virtual *pit

-Aircrafts and always upgrade aircraft.

-Any controller support for PC

-keep minimum memory files


that's it!







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Re: Flight Simulator

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Several years ago, EA had the "Jane's" series of games, however those are all out of production.  A competitor of EA's, Ubisoft, also had flight simulators.  It would be crass to name any of them on a forum sponsored by EA, however. 


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Re: [Jane's USAF] game was made for Windows 98/95 - want to run it on Windows 7

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hello friends if you want to play USAF on win7 here is where you go MCFLY'S HANGER or here is the the cure. Installed the game as usual and replace usaf with this one or drag the file into the program files and it will replace it.The only thing is the Preferences don't work but everything else doe's let me know. there is no bugs in it.Good luck

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Re: Jane's USAF

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go to Mcflys hanger and download [here it is] it will make run on win7.just replace usaf on janes folder with the new one or drag the file into janes folder and it will replace it.

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Re: Jane's USAF

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can you send me the links to the solution you had provided? as i cant find the name of the file to get
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