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Jane's USAF

by ssgtfubarks

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Re: Adding Jane's F/A-18 to Origin

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Re: Remake of Old game by EA

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Just can't understand why EA would let a great game like USAF go by the wayside without even thinking about some follow up game.  USAF was and still is rated as one of the best EA ever produced.  Bar none. If there is a way for me to install it on W7 please let me know because I can't get it to work at all and I think I have tried everything.  Miss that game.




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Re: Jane's Combat Simulations?

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I'm with Pooberry.  I am 70 years old, a retired naval officer, and I have loved Fleet Command since 2000!!!  I am not really a "gamer" but I love this platform.  Until I installed Windows 8, I was happy.  I know us old dogs aren't your prime demographic, but is there ANYTHING that Poo and I can do to get this working again?  I'm considering finding a used computer with an old Windows platform just to play the Janes games.  HELP!!

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Re: Jane's Combat Simulations?

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After a whole lot of searching - I've come to the conclusion that the best solution is honestly to just build up / refit a Windows 98se computer - JUST FOR JANE's titles. Honestly everything else I want to play I can get up on my newer / modern systems but there is something I love about these Jane's titles that I don't want to let go of. So I wont - I'm right now in the last steps of building up a rig around a PIII-S 1.4GHZ, 512MB, 120G SSD, Voodoo5 5500 rig to use exclusively for Jane's / Simulator play. I hate that the golden age of sims seems so long ago that develoers just don't touch them with 10 foot pole - with the exception of DCS and Falcon 4 BMS developers excluded.

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Re: Jane's Combat Simulations?

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Totally not true Standard smile Though I have to strongly agree that EA doesn't take any effort to support players (good going guys, you surely know how to loose customers). But after numerous attempts I have found a working fix that works both for 1.01 and 1.02 version of usaf.  You simply paste it to USAF location, run it by USAF one core and VIOLA! For me it runs even with 1920x1080 Standard smile ENJOY




I forgot to mention that the 7zip contains fix to USAF, IAF and JFA in 3 separate folders Standard smile 

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Jane's F/A 18 sim won't start on windows 10

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I have a version of Jane's F?A-18 flight sim that I have finally loaded to windows 10 but won't start can you help/

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Re: Jane's F/A 18 sim won't start on windows 10

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Your game was designed for Windows95 and Windows98, not Windows-10, and Windows 10 has no Compatibility Mode for Windows98. 


It is 16 years old, after all, going on for 17, soon. 

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Re: Jane's F/A 18 sim won't start on windows 10

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Your basic question is answered.  There is another option if you have the space.  Craigslist type classifieds and local Thrift Stores end up with un-sellable old PCs that do work, but still have old OSes that old games run on, if you have space for an old one like that.  Both of those will have the problem of legal recycling, so if you offer a small amount, and take if off their hands, both of you come out ahead.



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Re: Jane's F/A 18 sim won't start on windows 10

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Hey Duke, can I download windows 98 on top of windows 10 will it accept?

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