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Jane's USAF

by ssgtfubarks

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Re: Adding Jane's F/A-18 to Origin

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It  would be great if they added Janes ATF & AH-64D Longbow games someday alsoStandard smile

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Re: Jane's Combat Simulations?

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I own FLEET COMMAND AND I LOVE IT. I could play it a little on XP but when the game got busy it would crash. That didn't stop me from playing the first missions over and over again. Now I bought a new computer with windows 8.1 and there is no way I can play it. That's just to sad. I know there is not much money in helping us that bought your games in the past. I'm 60 years old and I like turn based games the most. But know one cares about us old vets. Looks like I'm old and useless and now that I have more free time to play my games are useless too. Why do company's not care for old customers what can a guy do with a useless CD?

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older ea games

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would it be possible for ea to make available some of there older game that are no longer available like some of the jane's combat sims

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Re: older ea games

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@solidsnakekillsu wrote:

would it be possible for ea to make available some of there older game that are no longer available like some of the jane's combat sims

@solidsnakekillsu Heya,


As I stated in this thread (where I moved your post to) previously:

I am currently not aware of plans to add the Jane's Combat Simulation titles to Origin. I assume that EA may eventually consider adding some of its back catalogue, but for now there are still things to focus on for current games.


Fingers crossed for the future though.

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Re: Adding Jane's F/A-18 to Origin

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I would love to see Jane's Fighter Anthology , Jane's Longbow & Longbow 2 and Jane's USAF add myself for digital download myself
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Does anyone know if there any patches for Janes ww2 fighters?  I know it's a relic, but I love it.  Thanking somebody in advance.

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Jane's Combat Simulations

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I have a lot of Jane's Combat Simulations games from the 1990s.  Is it still possible to make them run under Windows 7?  If so, how can I do so?  Those games are still cool to this day that I still want to play them without having to rely on a very old laptop computer. 

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update for F/A-18 simulator to run on win xp home edition

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game says to get update from EA to run on win XP home edition. I can't find the update

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Janes Games

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Where can you find patches and a way to install some games that will not install in 64 bit

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                 IS THERE A PATCH DOWNLOAD ?         GARY FENTON ,    < [edit: email address removed] >          PLEASE HELP ?    :o) 

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