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Jane's USAF

by ssgtfubarks

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Jane's USAF

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I have a really old game that won't play once installed.  I realize you may not support this game any longer but do you have any suggestions for how I might get it to working on my Windows 7 system?

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Re: Jane's USAF in Windows 7 x64

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Hi lordeod,


I can understand your frustration. I also have a few gems I keep coming back to once in a while. Games that I spent a whole summer on back when I was still growing up.


I can see how one of the original developers would be able to resolve this without spending much time. Throwing a random developer on this will be harder.


My personal recommendation would be trying to look into any kind of virtual machines that can run these older OS. 

Worst case dual booting may be an option. The machine you would need to run this game will probably be thrown out by your local library soon so you could also consider just picking up an older machine for cheap and installing it on there.


Unfortunately this is really something that goes beyond the scope of what we can assist you with over here, but maybe some other fan of Jane USAF will find this thread and have an answer?

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Re: [Jane's USAF] game was made for Windows 98/95 - want to run it on Windows 7

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Hi ssgtfubarks,


You are right, at the moment, Jane's USAF is not supported on these boards. However, I'm sure that the Answer HQ player community will be happy to help you.




Your friendly neighbourhood forum admin.
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Jane's Combat Simulations?

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I am trying to get some older Jane's Combat Simulation (produced by EA 10+ years ago) games that I have (Fighters Anthology, 688i Attack Sub, etc) to work on my Windows 7 platform.  


Any suggestions?


Thank You.

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Re: Jane's Combat Simulations?

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Hi ironmantil688,


It is probably not possible to do this as the last of the Jane's Combat Simulations games that you mention was published in 2000.





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Jane's USAF

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Pain in the butt trying to find tech support on a game not listed on EA's site. Having problems with game installing at 3% it errors out but continues installing. Severe

Unable to create regestry set


Component Move Data Error

Media name:data

Component:Game files

File group:Game data


Error number -106


I uninstalled the game and deleted all regestry for USAF then restarted Windows XP. Reinstalled game it comes up with same error. Is it a bad file?

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Remake of Old game by EA

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Would love to see an Updated Version of Fighters Anthology. That game was a riot. Was a great sim for it's time and an updated version would be a Killer. Think a lot of people would buy it. Hoping it comes to pass.



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Re: Remake of Old game by EA

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fix the java problem!!!!

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Re: Remake of Old game by EA

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Neither the author of the misplaced message in here (the Answer HQ's own website help forum, and/or the suggestion box), nor the even further out in far left field comment writer has the vaguest idea what is on topic in there.  If you cannot restrict yourself to the topic of improving AHQ's website, your posts will be erased without comment.

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Fighter Anthology

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can FA be played on a 64 bit sys?

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Re: Jane's USAF

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I also love this game and really wish it was playable under Win 7 x64.

After weeks of searching an trial an error, I've managed to get just about everything working except the flying itself.

Seems to go into some sort of software render and the framerates are less than .5 FPS.

I believe it has something to do with the type of .dll and directx files it calls, but I don't know enough to look into it.

I believe it would take an average EA developer about 10 minutes flat to resolve this for us and can't understand why EA wouldn't do this small favor for its fans.

We are a niche group, but there is STILL a user base for this game and more than most people would think for such an old title.


If EA put a team on this for like 6 weeks to simply update the graphics and modernize the text and mission scripts, they could easily sell it again for $20-30 and I would buy it within seconds.


Too bad its EA, I don't ever expect them to help the little guys.. Frown

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