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[Investigation on-going] NCAA TeamBuilder site down

by Mytcgs

Original Post

Team Builder for Ncaa 2014 Gone for good???

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Team Builder not saving created team for ps3, the website works but will not save, is this only me? Or has Ea closed off the Team Builder?

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NCAA College Football 14 Team Builder Save Issues

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NCAA 14 Team Builder website wont let you save.  Can someone please fix it.  It just says "check your internet connection".  lots of people still love playing this game offline.  please fix the team builder.



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Teambuilder website

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The website isn’t working. Every time I go to the website it reroutes me to the EA homepage.

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is the teambuilder website gone

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Is the NCAA 14 Teambuilder gone for good? 


I tried searching to find it today, but the only thing I could find was a link to Madden 20. Did EA completely remove the website after it was having some trouble? I noticed sometime last year I couldn't save new teams to play in a new dynasty and honestly I'm disappointed. Everyone in the community loved this game with many of us still playing 6 years later. Please EA, please put the website back up fully functioning. Thanks, NFR

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Is NCAA Teambuilder Permanently Shut Down?

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I was looking for the NCAA 14 Teambuilder site online and it is no longer appearing. When using the URL for the old site, it redirects to the site for Madden. Does this mean that the feature is shut down permanently? And is there going to be any statement on this by EA? 


I understand why they would decide to take the website down, but I would think they could give a small update at least to let people know that they are doing so and possibly a reason why. 


It will be very disappointing to see TeamBuilder be gone for good after it being only semi-functional for the last year.

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Re: Is NCAA Teambuilder Permanently Shut Down?

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Agreed - it would be nice to get a statement on this, at the very least.  We were at least able to log in and start to create on the website before, but the site would not let us save what we were working on.  I mean, I understand why EA might not want to expend resources on a six-year-old game but there has to be a better way to handle this.


Would it at least be possible to give us the ability to create teams offline and save it on our hard drive? That way, we could just transfer to a thumb drive.  We have our teams and EA doesn't burn server space.

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I want to know what is Ea GOING to do about bringing teambuilder back?

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When is teambuilder coming back?

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Ncaa 14 team builder update?

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Is there any update on the status of ncaa 14 team builder?  I’ve been unable to complete an edit for a team of mine for almost a year now?

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