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[Investigation on-going] NCAA TeamBuilder site down

by Mytcgs

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Re: NCAA Football 14 - TeamBuilder - Can't Save Created Team

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EA_Barry [Removed by CM]

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Re: NCAA Football 14 - TeamBuilder - Can't Save Created Team

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Re: NCAA Football 14 - TeamBuilder - Can't Save Created Team

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Its actually pretty sad, i've seen petitions on to get teambuilder fixed with HUNDREDS of people signing the petition. I just cannot believe that EA is taking their time on fixing this problem. I understand now that it's not their website and someone else is in charge of it, but at least let us know who the company is so we can talk to them to help get this figured out. I mean this is pathetic.

The community is even keeping the rosters updated to the DAY! EA never did that. Come next season, there will be all the rosters updated to exactly what the players stats and credentials are. The community is keeping this game alive, and we are the only ones that are noticing this.


@EA_Barry Please just let us know if this is even getting worked on. I can assume this is a simple fix, because every other function is working, loggin into your xbox account works, so its still connected to the XBOX servers somehow!


I really hope this gets fixed soon 

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Re: NCAA Football 14 - TeamBuilder - Can't Save Created Team

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Community Manager

We are locking this thread until we have further information on the status of TeamBuilder.


We have let this thread run and run and have afforded everyone every possible leniency in terms of spamming this thread.


Anyone known to us from this thread creating new threads on this issue will be actioned accordingly.

Current post marked as solution to give this post more visibility, this does not reflect the status of the investigation

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Hi but ncaa football 14 needs to live on forever

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This game is the best and I lost it and just spent 150 dollars for it not to be able to play team builder plzz ea helppp!!!!!

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save bug on teambuilder

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Teambuilder will not let me save any of my created schools and says I have bad connection even when I have the Ethernet cable plugged in


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Re: save bug on teambuilder

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Ea FixTeambuilderPlease!!!!!
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ncaa teambuilder

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Hey, so I still play your NCAA 14 game every day. Sad to hear you wont be making a new game ever. So here is the deal. Go you your NCAA Teambuilder website, click "save school" and click ENABLE! This is the only thing holding the community back from playing with new/different created teams in the game. If there is no more space to create teams, then delete every school with under 10 downloads. This could fix the issue. Please and Thank You

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