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NCAA Teambuilder won't let me save my teams

by OMGitsHusky

Original Post

NCAA Football 14 ea servers not available!

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I've been trying to connect online on NCAA Football 14 for a while now and it keeps telling me that the EA servers are currently not available I try to read a different method online and they all don't work my internet connection is perfectly fine and I don't know what to do the sites say the servers are up and running but it's not working for me to keep saying EA servers are not available. Can anyone please help me

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NCAA 14 Teambuilder wont save

★★★ Newbie

Teambuilder won't allow a team to be saved. I see this is an ongoing issue and it is pretty disappointing that there hasn't been a clear answer. Fix the issue or make teambuilder disappear, quit dragging this issue on.

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Im having issues with Teambuilder saving mechanism

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 TeamBuilder? Is it shut down or no. Because its not letting me save my schools

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NCAA Teambuilder won't let me save my teams

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NCAA Teambuilder won't let me save my teams, I sat there forever making it just to lose it. Help

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TeamBuilder Persona Sign in

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My name is Xavier and I was wondering how do I sign into my Xbox 360 persona for NCAA football teambuilder.

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Will you fix Team Builder?

★★★★ Novice

The last complaint I could find was three months ago. Can we get TeamBuilder fixed? I'd be happy to save my team after making it. It would be sick if games made today were this good, we wouldn't have to worry about this issue and could play them instead. I just want to make a team :/

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NCAA 14 Teambuilder won't let me save a team?

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I just want a quick and easy answer. Will this website be able to save teams ever again? Or is it dead?

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Can't access my teams in teambuilder

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I understand that there is an issue related to saving new teams on teambuilder, but why can I not access my saved teams from year's prior?

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Ncaa Teambuilder saves

★★★★ Newbie

Ncaa football 2014 teambuilder won't save any of the teams I create. 

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