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why won't my team save in teambuilder

by Arich246

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I am still in use of team builder but i am having trouble saving my team, response?

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teambuilder not saving teams

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Will there be a fix for the teambuilder website? I have read on here for the past 6 months that people are having the same issues, and there has been a consistent response that it's being "worked on" but i'm starting to wonder how truthful that is...

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NCAA Football TeamBuilder Not Working

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Can't search teams or create a team. I have tried different computers, but nothing seems to work. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

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NCAA Football TeamBuilder Down

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Nothing seems to work for a long time now. Can't search teams or create them. I have tried many different computers. Please help. Thank you.

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Re: teambuilder not saving teams

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Welcome to the club. EA keeps saying it’s being worked on without specifying the hold up or giving us any freedom to discuss it. Pretty sure they’re just trying to shut us up till we forget about it. 

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Does teambuilder for ncaa football 14 not work anymore?

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Does the teambuilder feature for ncaa football 14 not work anymore.  i can create teams but it won't save them.

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I can't save my team on the teambuilder website for ncaa football 14

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So I was watching Not The Expert's UGF Pandas dynasty and wanted to do what he did with my own created team. I bought ncaa 14 and went on the team builder website and created my own school. Everything was fine until I tried to save. When I went to save, I got a message that said the team could not save and that I should check my internet connection. I was confused by this. My internet was working just fine. I tried it again, and the same thing happened. At this point I was confused. I went on youtube and sure enough, it was happening to them as well. I learned that this isn't just a new thing, it has been going  on for 7 months. I know a lot of people still play ncaa 14 and would like for this to be fixed. Can somebody at ea please try and fix this? This is one of the best parts of the whole game and that not working makes it not as great. I understand that the website is old, but I think it can be fixed. Please fix this ea, this would help your fans out.

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why won't my team save in teambuilder

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every time i try to save my team on teambuilder it says there was a problem has ea not fixed this problem yet 

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Can you still save teams on teambuilder for NCAA football 2014 on PS3?

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Can you still save your teams created on TeamBuilder for NCAA Football 2014 for PlayStation 3???  It is not letting me save for some reason...please advise

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NCAA Football 14 ea servers not available!

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I've been trying to connect online on NCAA Football 14 for a while now and it keeps telling me that the EA servers are currently not available I try to read a different method online and they all don't work my internet connection is perfectly fine and I don't know what to do the sites say the servers are up and running but it's not working for me to keep saying EA servers are not available. Can anyone please help me

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