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Re: NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder not working

by laxguy2400

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NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder not working

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It appears the teambuilder site for NCAA football games is not working. It won’t show any created schools, nor will it let me log in.

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Re: NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder not working

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Not working for me either, come on EA!!! fix this so we can keep playing the best game you ever made.

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Re: NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder not working

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I've tried contacting support but none of them have any clue what to do.


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Re: NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder not working

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If theyre gonna kill the website, at least give the dedicated fans a statement or heads up. Don't just take away one of the last features available on the game.

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Re: NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder not working

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I contacted support and they said that the website is shut down. She was very patronizing and probably just wanted me gone but she did say that the website will no longer work.

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Re: NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder not working

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Hate to hear that. I was having a blast creating small college teams and getting them into the game.


I hope they reconsider.

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NCAA 14 Teambuilder issue

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so i want to create teams for my ncaa football 14 but every time i try and sign into teambuilder i get this message  "invalid credentials. please update the email/password and try again" but i can sign into my EA account perfectly fine. whats going on??????

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Re: NCAA 14 Teambuilder issue

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I have spent the last couple hours with EA tech support on this very issue.  The first person I chatted with had me reset password, sign in with a 2nd account, create a whole new account, then had me restart with a clean boot.  None of that worked.  Got on chat with another tech support person, who researched the issue for a while, then came back and said this is a well known issue right now, they are working on it and check back later.  I asked her about the rumor that EA was shutting down support for NCAA 14 Teambuilder and Online Dynasty, she assured me that rumor is not true and they are truly working to solve this issue and get it all back up and running as soon as possible.

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Re: Can't Login to NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder

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did it work after that?
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ncaa 14 team builder is not working. It wont let me log in. It says this...

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Please help me. I am getting really mad. I'm trying to make a new ncaa 14 teambuilder team, but stupid team builder keeps saying this, Invalid credentials. Please update the E-mail/Password and try again. I've changed my password twice, changed my email, made two new accounts to try and make a team and the same thing pops up. How the hell do I fix it! I just want to make a team for dynasty mode so bad! Please, I want any help I can get.

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