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How long does it take to delete a EA account?

by Anonymous

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Re: How long does it take to delete a EA account?

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@eryri1981 wrote:

Still not been deleted from my original request on the 1st jan. The rep had got my hopes up by keeping in touch and telling me he was on the case. Just checked back through my emails with him and he actually said in an email my account would be deleted within 30 days, that was on the 14th of jan and its not been done. I havent had a reply to any of my last 2 emails from the rep, so guess he's resorted to ignoring me now.


I acually went back to the bbb the other day and this is the response i got back from ea to the case:


Hello, ​ Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We worked with the customer following a previous case/contact with our support, and will look into their feedback further. ​ EA Help 



If working with me means lying and making false promises, not deleting my account like i asked then continue to ignore me, then yeah, i guess they did work with me lol.


They are an absolute joke.

damn man, sorry to hear that. it seems so bizarre to me that the whole process is so veiled and on top of that seemingly takes months. i will def report back if i hear anything new. thanks for the update.

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Re: How long does it take to delete a EA account?

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I've been waiting 8 months for them to delete my old account, if they had of told me that they couldnt delete my account i would have left it but they lied and I dont think itll ever unlink from psn account

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Re: How long does it take to delete a EA account?

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To all, who still waiting, or will be waiting. I waited 6 month for deletion, but accidentally bought NFS on PS4, because I forgot, that it's EA game too, and it needs to be connected to their server, or you can't play even alone. I was pissed, it was boiling point. Before, I used online chat in UK (not my country, because in mine you can only call them), and I chose to call them in my country. And you know? They said, that my account wasn't deleted, it was just deactivated. I waited 6 months to play my games, and for nothing, operator just lied to me and just deactivated. And what I've done? As was said to me, if I still have access to email of that account, I should just reset password. And... it worked, my account was activated and games was working again. But I can't change my nickname now, because emails doesn't arrive, but that's nothing, finally my games working and I can forget about that. What my operator said, that deletion and merging accounts will not give you opportunity to relink your PSN (but I think it just misinformation of operator). If you still waiting and want just to return everything like it was before - try reset your password. 

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Re: How long does it take to delete a EA account?

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Been waiting since september last year and...i git it back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Really

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