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Re: Hacknet crashing on start up

by nismoJJ

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Hacknet crashing on start up

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Hey guys, I just downloaded hacknet on origin but everytime I try to start up the game it loads to the start up screen and as soon as I press the new game button it crashes.

I've already tried repairing the game and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I've also turned off origin beta testing as I know this can be quite buggy. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Hacknet crashing on start up

Community Manager (retired)

Hey @Chellisaur 


Could you try to launch the game in the compatibility mode for Windows XP as well? Wondering



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Re: Hacknet crashing on start up

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Hey, sorry I didn't realise I hadn't posted my reply to this!


I have tried compatibility mode and it's still not working. I've scoured the web four answers and it suggests to use the xna boot but I'm unsure as to how to do this via origin as this was posted on a steam forum.


Thanks Standard smile

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Re: Hacknet crashing on start up

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I downloaded this game and had issues with it crashing, google fu came up with all kinds of request to run compatibility mode change settings file resolutions ect.. 


looking at the messages it appeared that the issue was graphics related, i am trying to run  on a laptop with a 1050ti and a 7700hq, my nvidia settings are to run everything on the graphics card so i switched the settings for hacknet to run on the processor graphics instead of the discrete card and viola..  i did also set compatibility to windows 8, and run as administrator but i think the main issue was the game startup trying to set resolution and causing issues with the graphics card settings, the intel settings seem to be more forgiving, its not an "FPS' type game so runs just fine this way.. hope this helps someone. 

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