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Game ideas

by launcher111

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Game ideas

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So one area Ea can improve is have a idea creation center.  It could remain sealed so only Ea reads the ideas. 


Heres the thing, many people have great ideas, but as you know many video games cost millions to tens of millions to make. 99.999% of people cant afford to make there own game, at a decent scale. Or have the time, or skill set.


If someone has a well developed idea you can Contact them, have many options  to choose from. Can buy them out, take them on as a consultant, idea person.


Consider it took George Lucas a year to create the galaxy construct of Star wars. Ea isnt going to pay tens of thousands of people to make year long idea projects. Subcontract it out.


In the end consider this... Games have become become extremly safe. Many lessons are ignored, and follow flawed beliefs... As an example "Kiss"(keep it simple stupid) this is blown to pieces. Take the biggest games, grand theft auto, the sims, minecraft... Options upon options... And most importantly, they are billion dollar franchises. Complexiety and options sells. Simple games have a place... Phones, for kids... Many are short lived flashes in the pan and gone. 


Realistically if a person crates the perimeters, the story the characters, and its a hundred million dollar game... Buying them out at what 10-50k kinda seems like a good deal. Is the belief... Well could take there ideas... But than if its a hit, have intelectual property lawsuits... Which yeah long term and press wise isnt easy. 

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Re: Game ideas

Community Manager

Hey @launcher111 it's an interesting idea but we are unable to accept ideas for games from the public and as such an idea such as this would be unlikely to be implemented.


I will pass your feedback on though. 


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