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Fight Night Champion

by tamargo1823

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Re: i cant access the ea forums for like 2 days now

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Fifa Ultimate team forums are down aswell.  Tried 4 browsers

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Re: Fight Night Champion

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HI, I have a question I hope somebody has an answer to. I just bought this game couple of days ago. Playing legacy to get the boosts for CAB so I can use them for my OWC fighter. But everytime I search for  fight, it takes ages (telling me 2 try again later) It doenst matter how crowded it is, 400 Online 1600 online really doesnt matter. Doest anybody know about this problem and if theres a fix to it ? after fixxing the XP problem I thought I was good to go, still barely find owc matches =[ HELP PLZ (PS3 system, NAT-Type 2 - H2H works fine)

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fight night champion, "check ethernet cable" disconnected from EA server, every time

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                                  fight night champion, lately in the middle of another onslaught EA kicks me and says "check ethernet cable" now i  woudnt mind but its a loss everytime,and its starting to annoy me,

 i'm a seasoned vet, i play it day in day out, 

  could you give me the name and address of the EA idiot who does this cos i will take it out on he or she.....


 my  xboxlive gamertag:        HandzOF5tone

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Ya I have this problem to.

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Re: i cant access the ea forums for like 2 days now

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I want xp or money. Im gonna sue ea and get
All these people to join in .
You been bs ing everyone and still selling xp and
Stealing it back.

Ever since you announced that ufc was getting the attention last year
.it was never announced that the aerver was not gonna work or be pulled.

Easy fix. Get the server on . And give everyone their xp back or your
Getting sued .

Ps . when does fight night legend come out ?
Fix the footwork speed and hand speed being two differemt things
Agility and flexibility added. And stop letting brawlers just push one button and land at will
While holding block and running in .
They would get stopped on counters .
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why want fight night store load up

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Re: Fight Night Champion

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Is there another boxing game coming out in march for xbox 360
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getting pictures from easportsworld to fight night champion on ps3

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I have photos of myself on the easportsworld site and my ps3 (fight night champion) says there are no photos to choose from......what am i doing wrong?  i followed each step and nothing!  very confusing and very confused at this point

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locked boxers on fight night champion plus what happened to the facial damage????

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in fight night champion there are boxers that need to be unlocked with dr pepper promo but i'm in the uk and this promo isnt in the UK so why should i miss out when i paid for the game? also the advertised realistic facial damage seems to have disappeared which is surely mis selling an item a trading standards issue perhaps. i want the boxers unlocked first and foremost then a explanation about the damage! OH also it freezes in legacy mode!!

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Why is the Fight Night Store for Fight Night Champion not working?

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I just bought Fight Night Champion last week and would like to download the bonus boxers but the Fight Night Store is empty, Whats the deal?

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