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Fight Night Champion

by tamargo1823

Original Post

no XP

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IM wondering why I get no XP online when I fight people and is there a championship belt on exhibition that you can get how do you get it... And I download post jail Andre bishop and he didn't show up

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Re: Fight Night Champion OWC No XP

Community Manager

Just a quick update: The studio is looking into this and is trying to get the issue resolved.


Thanks for your patience, everyone!

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fight night store

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I am having problems with my fight night store it will get stuck on loading



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fight night champion and opponent quitting in OWC

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Everytime I play OWC in fight night champion and my opponent quits when he is out for the count, the game thinks it was me that quit and gives me the loss.  This is the 4th time now in one week and I am very angry.  What's the point in playing if this happens?  


What should I do?  Do you have any solutions?



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Fight Night Store

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Why can't I get in to the store? I got to repurchase XP cuz I had to get a new ps3. Every time I try, it stays on "LOADING" but never pulls up.

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how to retrieve purchased xp points on fight night champion online

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cant get xp on fight night champion online

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Re: Fight Night Champion OWC No XP

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Ok what you do, start at the xmb screen, press sign out by pressing triangle on the account management app, turn the game on and wait it will ask you to press sign in, do that an your xp will be there and waiting
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XP points disappear

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Re: Fight Night Champion OWC No XP

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EA you have finally out did yourself. Not only has my $58 in xp boost disappeared, and not be only can I not earn xp the normal way. You had to throw me a curve ball today. I won my first belt...did not get to keep it as it vanish away with the xp I should of got for winning. NOW IM PISSED AND WILL TALK TO A LAWYER, EVERY THING I SAID HAS HAPPENED PLENTY SINCE I PICKED UP MY PRE ORDERD COPY! A month after I bought your game my ps3 stopped working after all the nasty system crashes that only your game would cause. Today all of my purchased content was gone. All my gold medals, the oldschool heavy wweights and middle wieghts. I've had to re purchase my xp for all my boxers at least 3-4 times at 58 bucks to give all boxers a max rating. That alone is around $200. The was 60, plus all the dlc as far as fighter bare knuckle metal boost...that around 300 bucks for one game just to keep playing it. Thanks you are killing you rep bad stay away from Denver.
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