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Fight Night Champion

by tamargo1823

Original Post

Re: Fight champion backward compa on ps4

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We need a new fight night please, last one was 2011. At least let us know if one is in the pipeline. Think of all the new heavyweights and the current boxing scene, please do it
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Re: Why has fight night champion been taken off line

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I'm slightly confused about this. I, too, had about twenty boxer CABS that, back in the day, I spent many hours on, and now that the game is finally backwards compatible, I was hoping that all of my beloved creations would still be there. Unfortunately, when I searched my GT, only about four boxers came up - and really none of the best ones. Where did they all go? Why would some be there, but all the others are not? There are plenty of CABs from like 2011 still available for download, so it's weird that they are still there, but several of mine are not. Do you, or anyone else, know how I might recover all my old uploaded boxers?
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Re: PS3 Fight Night Champion Online, Servers & Trophies

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Is there a problem with the PS3 EA servers? Is this a full functioning game when online? Is it possible to get all the trophies?

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Re: fight night

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Dude i just noticed a new tuner update today. What was it ? And look we understand that but we need a new fightbnight or remastered version of champions u would be surprised how many people would buy it........ Thunk about it EA SMART RIGHT...... AND WE DONT NEED FLOYD IN IT FOR IT TO BE GREAT 

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Re: XB1 Fight Night Champion "New Tuner Download" Failing

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Any luck?  I just tried it last night...

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Re: XB1 Fight Night Champion "New Tuner Download" Failing

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I keep getting the message  Xbox live membership priviledges prevent you from using this feature, however im an Xbox Gold live member so it should work right, on Xbox One btw. Is there a special setting i need to set to get boxer share to work ? 

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Re: XB1 Fight Night Champion "New Tuner Download" Failing

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Well i figured what the problem with the xbox live message was, butnow it will simply not connect to boxer share it keeps the circle going as if its trying to connect but it wont, 


Pleaze EA bring the beloved boxer share back online

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Re: How do you fight a friend in fight night of Champions for xbox one?

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Boxer share does not work on x360, "EA Sports World servers are just run out of service recently." Please try again later. Recently, 3 months ago this function was still working now, I started and did some advice?
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Re: boxer share not working

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They promised me in chat that the boxer share would be fixed too, just the other day

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Re: Fight Night Champion

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My game is having the same problem. Can you tell me how to fix it? Thanks 

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