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Fight Night Champion

by tamargo1823

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Re: boxer share not working

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Now I'm hearing they cut support come on ea leave it up with a notice it's coming down so people can download there boxers before you cut support
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How to bookmark boxers for ps3?

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I am wondering how I can bookmark boxers I have searched for on the ea site so I can download them off the game but everytime I figure one I want to bookmark it gives me an error "Unable to bookmark boxer, only available for the Playstation 3" and I do have a ps3 so Im wondering what I must do to get the ones I want. Any help would be great.



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Re: How to bookmark boxers for ps3?

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


Do you still see issues with this feature? It should be fixed by now. Please let me know if you are able to download boxers again.




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missing xp

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hellllo my good people of ea sports...




I wanted to let you know that I have a bit of a problem.... I am currently playing fight night champion...   I have purchased xp points for my boxers to be top of the line....    but today at 7 am I got bored of my middleweight boxer and I deleted him and tried to recreate another..    but   just my luck..  the xp points are not available for me anymore.....  and the other anoying thing is that I tried to purchase more xp from the fight night store... and I was unable to log on....  so I am screwed both ways.......


I chatted with a guy in live chat..  he gave me instructions to make some adjustments on my ps3 and the information given to me did not solve my issues..  so he said he would make a report for the teck support guys to handle.....   I hope this matter is taken care off asap.......      I like your games ... I am a loyal costumer.....   and I hope that you could resolve this anoying issue...


thanx for your time




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Re: How to bookmark boxers for ps3?

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I still can't bookmark any boxers??


I get the message "Unable to bookmark, boxer is only available for PlayStation 3" and I have a PS3?


How can I fix this?


Plus if I'm on my PS3 trying to download boxers and try to freezes.


Please let me know how I can download boxers?

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fight night champion ps3

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can someone tell me why my purchased platinum XP pack and all XP points earn whilst online are not working on ps3 this is most annoying as i just spent money and am now not able to use my XP pack

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Online fighter cannot gain more experience

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Online fighter will not gain experience after each fight. Win or lose you normally earn experience points to improve skills, however, as of yesterday, after each fight my experience points reads 0. It's like somebody took away all my points and won't allow me to gain anymore. Please help
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Re: Fight Night Champion OWC No XP

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I posted prior to you with the same issue. At first I thought it was a glitch but its been a couple days now .
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Can't download boxers in boxer share

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good day,


I recently picked up Fight Night champion and want to download boxers from boxer share...but I can't.  I'm on PS3 btw.


I have no problems connecting to EA...but then the following happens.


I go to boxer share, download boxers.


Then it loads a screen with a message "getting photos"...the message dissapears but no photos were loaded...just blank blocs.  If I change view with L2 and click on a name of a boxer or click on any of the blocs of the default view to go into a boxer to actually download it...


It just loads a screen with the background and EA ticker at the bottom and nothing happens....after a while it freezes on me as well.


I also tried to access the fight night store and it didn't load up either...and just froze.


How can I download boxers?  Is there any solution to this?  Will deleting your settings file work for this?


Really eager to get Mayweather and co in the game.  Please fix this EA or help me find a solution.

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Re: How to bookmark boxers for ps3?

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For anyone else that is having this problem not being able to bookmark, here is the solution:


The problem is that it's not your ps3/xbox360 persona that's linked to your ea profile but probably your ea account.  As soon as I linked my psn account to my ea profile I was able to bookmark boxers at will.


Just go to account and change your default persona to your xbox live or psn account.

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