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Fight Night Champion

by tamargo1823

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Re: boxer share not working

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Update - Still Down
GopalSorry Brian, but are servers are still under investigation and not recovered until now.
youNo estimated time for them to be fixed?
GopalWe haven't received the exact time frame but most probably within 3-4 hours.
I wouldn't bet on the timeframe though.
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Re: boxer share not working

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Still down. Today they told me 2-3 more days.



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Fight night champion

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My download boxer is not working keeps saying try again later?
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Re: Fight night champion

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Boxer Share and Download Faces has been broken for over a week. They keep saying it will be fixed sometime between a few days and two weeks.



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Re: boxer share not working

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They are saying they are up in some regions. Not working here for me in USA. Brian.


Raghav: I've confirmed and servers were down for maintenance. Our senior support are working into this and servers are up in some regions.  


Raghav: Please have some patience and hopefully you'll be able to play the game after couple of hrs.

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Re: boxer share not working

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Why EA why? Why Now? please work...

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Share-a-boxer server issue

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For the past couple weeks there has been an issue with the game for me. i just bought it recently and fight away I downloaded a few boxers but now I can't connect with the server,

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Re: boxer share not working

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This is getting annoying we need to keep bothering then our they will just cut support for good
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Re: boxer share not working

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this is BULL**bleep** worst company ever hope 2K sports puts ea out of business

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Fix Boxer Share please

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I tried to contact help but all that happened was I ended up deleting the boxers I downloaded when the servers were working. This is very annoying. I bought the game and I want 100% of what I paid for, not 80% or 75%

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