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Re: Ps3 Fight night owc

by EA_Nils

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Re: Fight night champion

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Yes can u please fix this problem I spent money on stats Nd would like to play my with my online boxer Nd my friends In my gym ..but I have won Nd lost fights Nd its not updated my record gamertag is imuhhbeast14 -Xbox360
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Re: Fight night champion

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Just saw i had no xp. Thought it might be fixed. Had a war with another player with a lot more fights and wins and ko him in the 9th only to be met with Could not retrieve disappointing. Then flash ko'd in fight now against tyson......errrrr
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Ps3 Fight night owc

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Can sumbody tell me why its not keeping records like win/lose??
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Re: Ps3 Fight night owc

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Glitch. They seem to be working on it to fix the problem. I'm having the same problem on 360
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Re: Ps3 Fight night owc

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Community Manager

Hi all,


The issue with the stats server has been corrected. You should no longer experience "unable to retrieve fight stats at this time".

As part of the fix this time we also made some changes that should prevent this issue from occurring again in the future.


Thanks again everyone for your patience.




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Re: Ps3 Fight night owc

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Working again. Thanks again to you EA_Nils.

Hope for a stable fix.


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Re: Ps3 Fight night owc

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Thanks Nils, your a legend.

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Re: Fight Night for Xbox One

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First of all speak for yourself. Myself and many others like me have been watching UFC since the very first one and are major fans of martial arts, which is more than just swinging fists. The controls are fine, it's no one else's fault you suck at the game, and didn't have the sense to download the demo first before you bought it. I've been a huge Knockout Kings/Fight Night fan my entire life, but I prefer MMA as it is much more technical. Get better at the game and quit whining. As much as you may not like it, boxing is dead. Thanks to corruption, referees not taking points away for excessive clenching and just a straight up lack of talent compared to the fighters I watched growing up. I congratulate Electronic Arts for realizing the real combat sport of the 21st century. Thank you EA for continuing to build on an already great first outing with UFC 1. Keep the UFC games coming and making them better with each new game.

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Fight night champion next rival assigned in 5107 days

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Hey. When looking at the gym rivals it says the next rival is assigned in 5107 days. Looking at 3rd party trophy/achievement websites nobody has achieved any of the rival gym trophies/achievements since end of 2012. Can this get a fix? thanks

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Re: Fight night champion next rival assigned in 5107 days

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Yh same problem here too unfortunately. Has been this way since the start of 2013. Really want a fix on this so we can get the Represent The Crew trophies and get the plat for this awesome game. The game deserves justice, one of my faves for sure. Please fix this EA. It's the same problem for everyone.

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