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FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil PS3

by blackjudas77

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FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil PS3

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Unsure if this is the right forum, but it is under other FIFA games and then... FIFA 15 seems to be the only one available.


FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil on the PS3 worked perfectly fine but the achievement for gifting an item to a friend recently glitched.  The server seems to not respond anymore.  Unsure if this was intended but with EA recently things seem to get announced.  There is a small community still enjoying this game and would appreciate it if the powers that be could have a look at restoring its original funcionality.



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Re: FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil PS3

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The online functionality for FIFA 14 was discontinued last year. Please see the following page for Service Updates:

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FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil PS3 can't send gifts

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Nobody can send gifts to friends in the Catalogue anymore, please EA fix this problem. I'm a great FIFA fan, I have the platinum trophy for all FIFA games since FIFA 12, the only platinum I don't have yet is for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, me and a few friends bought the game a few days ago intending to achieve the platinum trophy. Me and the FIFA trophy hunter community would really appreciate if you guys could fix this little problem.



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Re: FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil PS3

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Yeah @EA_Barry, FIFA 14 was discontinued in fact, but the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil servers still running, the only problem is this gift problem, that could be easily fixed.

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Re: FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil PS3

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@EA_Barry Yes, EA, please fix the problem with sending a gift to friends. I really want to receive a platinum award in this game, but a mistake with a gift does not allow this to be done. Now when I try to give a gift to a friend, I see only an endless download.
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