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Dungeon Keeper 2

by twogood2betru

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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2

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I have problem that when i start the game it starts ok but only shows Black screen and on the left corner there is little space like 1cmx4cm that shows some colour, sounds come for the start video and for the startup menu but dont seem to see anything else.


Have sofar tried to do the perfences fix and running on safe mode etc... 


i´m running Windows 7, gpu is Gforce gtx 780. 


Had it before in my computer and worked fine (althou i used the GTX 460) 

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Dungeon Keeper 2 Mouse unresponsive

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Whenever the game slows down to load, the mouse becomes unresponsive and will not work unless I hit alt+Tab twice to minimize and re-open the game screen. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem.

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Re: Game not loading correctly. (dungeon keeper 2)

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and me. must be window 8 no?

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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2 in-game choppiness

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I am having the same problem. It seems like it has something to do with the way the mouse interacts wth the game. Sometimes the cursor will freeze, and if I switch to my desktop and back, it unfreezes it for me. I bought this game new when it was released, and I could never get it to work correctly with any pc I had. I figured over 15 years later, it would HAVE to work.... ugh....

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Dungeon Keeper II weanetr.dll missing 0x5 Error

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Dungeon Keeper II weanetr.dll missing 0x5 Error


Can anybody help with that dll missing thing. The game won't launch and shows dll error.

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dungeon keeper 2 not playing properly

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the game keeps freezing and running slow so I is imposable to play and I only bought and downloaded it yesterday

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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2

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Unfortunately the link is broke. Wouldn't have another one? As I too am experiencing choppy game play and mousing in win 8.1

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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2

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Hello i has just bought DK2 from origin. First I had the problem that the game freezed at the bullfrog logo but search around and i fixed that problem. 

But now when i watch the intro and the main meny comes up i can't move the mouse or use my keyboard. Do any one knows how to fix it?

// Big Ollie

By the way i have Windows Vista

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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2

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Hi All,


Dungeon is not accepting anything I type. for instance once you complete a level you need to press space to go on to the next level but if I press space nothing happens. 





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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2

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Did anyone fix this issue? This download does not work as it says not for my pc, but also dungeon keeper 2 is not listed by MS as a game this download is for.


Has EA fixed the game for anyone? can I get my money back?

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