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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2 Mouse problem

by generalgeojoe

Original Post

dungeon keeper 2 lag

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Hi, Recently purchased Dungeon Keeper 2 from ORIGIN and start to play it but the game very lag (old game played at today PC also lag??) Please help


Thank you

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Dungeon keeper 2 won't run

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Dungeon keeper two has downloaded and installed but when I try to run it the title screen comes up fine but the next screen freezes and I have to ctrl alt del. Then the error message comes up: DKII-DX.exe has stopped working.

Any help on resolving this would be much appreciated.



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Re: Dungeon keeper 2 won't run

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Post the crash details:

Start -> type "Reliability" -> View Reliability History -> Find Crash -> Right Click -> View Technical Details




You could maybe try setting Windows 2000 // XP compatibility mode on it's EXE


Try setting the ticket box for "Disable Visual Themes" on


You could try adding these as Startup options to the exe

-softwarefilter -32bitdisplay


Needs to be in the Target line after the " marks with a space

"c:\path\to\exe\program.exe" -option1 -option2


Set processor affinity to single core


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Re: Dungeon keeper 2 won't run

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Thanks, I've got it working- not sure which bit of your advice did the trick!! 



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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2

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HOW TO FIX THE INGAME LAGGGGS !!! ------ Windows 8.1


OK, even if this is not the right post here, i say it right away.

I have bought the game from Origin, installed it and the problems begun right at start. When i started the game the bullfrog logo freezed.

Just tab out in windowns one time and tab back in game and it starts running.

When i was in the menu of the game everything worked just fine. but after i started a game in the campain i had like 2 fps and horrible mouse lags.


So here is what i did and now it runs perfectly without any problems.

Go in the game menu in OPTIONS - GRAPHICS OPTION and change the resulution to 640 x 480. (maybe u have to deactived Hardware accelerations too)

You wont believe but it was that easy and the game runs fine now.


I hope this helps a few players who bought this game.



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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2

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You know im surprized your all so calm because WHERES MY * REFUND YOU * THIEVES SOLD ME A PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT WORK.




Just let the grown men take care things EA....steam already does this and its obvious that they do it a hell of a lot better then you and 10x less shady.

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Dungeon Keeper 2 Mouse problem

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The mouse does not work when running in Windows 8.1 64bit, you can click once to un-pause the start up video (it starts out paused until you click a key or mouse click) then nothing, no mouse no arrow keys nothing works. all you can do is alt tab out and close. Tried running in compatibility mode, same thing. Tried external mouse, same thing. PC is a Lenovo touch Pro i7 8GB ram, nvidia gefoce GT730M video so no slum PC. It has to be a setting or driver but I can not access the menu at all in game. Please help. Thanks.

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Re: Dungeon Keeper 2 Mouse problem

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Fixed it, the solution is to right click on the game icon and select properties, select the compatibility tab, check the following 3 boxes; 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings', 'Run this program as an administrator' and 'Enable this program to work with OneDrive files'. click apply and run the program. You may have to click the mouse if the video freezes or alt tab out to the desktop and then back to the game by pressing alt tab again and then it will work, mouse and keyboard function restored. 

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Dungeon keeper 2 not working

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Hi i recently downloaded Dungeon Keeper 2 because i was bored and it was a blast from the past!!


Problem is the fact it worked but was bugged as hell, freezing all time and mouse becoming inactive.


Now all of a sudden it wont start?? when i click on the shortcut after a few seconds you get a flash of some windows appearing but dissapear within a second and thats it?


I have tried few things people have said to try but i cant even find bullfrog in the registry?


I type "bullfrog" in the search when i am in registry edit but it completes the search and does not find it?


it is so frustrating when i get a taste of a few levels then completely stops working!!


This is another game i bought from origin thats not working properly. a few of the C&C games i bought in a package have bugs!!


How do i fix this? i have uninstalled loads of times, i have repaired game loads of times, i have troubleshooted compatibility loads of times NOTHING seems to work??

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dungeons keeper 2 not working

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tried everything just talked abut on phone with origin and still not working. i can play world of warcraft and command and conquer generals on my laptop but this wont start a small game - dungeon keepers that requires less performance than previously mentioned games

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