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Def Jam: Fight for NY

by Cannavaro10-5

Original Post

Re: Def Jam Fight for NY Remake

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How can we convince them about a remake???

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Re: def jam vengence

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Now that PS2 games are arriving on PS4 could you please make FFNY one of them? We need it!
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Re: def jam vengence

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EA listen you could make a fortune here for just a HD remake of FFNY!

Please can we get an official comment back on the following please:

A) has there been any further developments?
B) if not what would it take a signed partition or similar?
C) if there is a good reason to no to both A and B please can you at least give the fans a good reason why it's not possible or not business viable to EA with all this interest?

All ill say is look at FFvii releasing the original version on ps4 (not even the remake version) has recorded crazy sales to the point they've increased the price, for what input? A bit of Polish how can you afford not too lol

Mega Def jam fan (but God not of Icon it was cr@p lol)
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Def jam: FFNY remastered idea

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Hi EA, I was wondering if there would ever be a chance for a def jam fight for NY reboot. If so that would be great, since in my opinion the game would do great sales. So if not a new def jam game just do a remastered version of fight for New York for Ps4 and Xbox one consoles
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Re: Def jam: FFNY remastered idea

Community Manager

@mrstephon233 Thanks for the post, if and when such a product is released, we'll be sure to let folks know. 

In the meantime, if you have an Xbox One you might consider voting for it to be added to the Backwards Compatibility list.


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Re: Def jam: FFNY remastered idea

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Apart from the fact Def Jam was never released on xbox 360 and backwards compatability on xbox one is 360 only games....
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Re: Def jam: FFNY remastered idea

Community Manager

Wow, sorry you're right. I was thinking of Def Jam: Icon. 

I never got into the hip-hop brawler subgenre so got my games mixed up. 

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Why want you bring out def jam fight for ny on the ps3, xbox 360, ps4 and xbox o

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Hi def jam fight for ny is a great game and i would like to see it remastered for ps4 and xbox one to have trophies, play online against people i would really like def jam fight for ny to be available for the current gen of consoles and the newer consoles of today if it is not being released or you keeping as a private game to keep i understand i truly would like that game to be back out so it can always be remembered as a great game
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Def Jam Fight for NY ITS BEEN OVER 10 YEARS

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I'm confused as to why another Def Jam fight for NY has not been made. The first fight for NY had great reviews. So what's the hold up. And no, before you post it I'm not interested in UFC. I'm interested in Def Jam. It's been over a freaking decade. Please reboot/remaster this game for ps4/xbox one. Alot of people are waiting for this game to come back. Have you checked out youtube and twitter lately? You guys say "challenge everything" right? Well I challenge EA to make this game happen. Seriously......

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Def Jam Fight for NY

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It's time...... I have at least 30 pics of tweets. There's plenty more. Everyone is waiting on this game. After over a decade the fans are still waiting. All we want is ONE reboot or ONE remaster, something. My friends and I love this game. But I'm tired of having to take my ps2 and ps4 places. Just ONE updated version PLEEEAAAASSSEEEE. This game is too great to just let go. C'mon EA. If you guys considered it, at least try to keep majority of the old cast. Almost like an old school versus new school kind of thing. Just give us something. SOMETHING!!

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