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Boxing [Idea for a game]


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Boxing [Idea for a game]

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Good day EA,


I am a huge fan of EA games especially all the sport games.


I had a Xbox 360 and bought most of your sport games like rugby and boxing.


I bought the Xbox One in December and was impressed with the graphics etc, but there isn't a EA rugby, cricket or Boxing game!  When are you releasing any of these games?


Will the boxing be kinect playable?


Are you also going to release more co-op games?


What about army of two on XBOX One, are you going to release it?


Thank you,



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Is there going to be boxing on next gen consoles
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Re: boxing

Community Manager

Keep an eye here for info on any upcoming Fight Night release:

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boxing game

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Is there going to be a boxing game for xbox one? And if so when?
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We need a boxing game in 2015/2016
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where are the games for xbox one?

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Let me start by saying, sorry but I am really annoyed and have been run around all day by microsoft,so excuse me.


why cant we get mlb 2015 or fight night franchise reboot for xbox one?


I am hearing from Xbox one and Microsoft when I complain about the lack of content that it is the game developers who are dropping the ball, so here I am to ask, what the heck?

Then I am hearing that mlb and fight nigth might be finished and that really irritates me.


Seems the games I like to play, any of them, are still not available, no baseball, no boxing, no new ww2 shooters, no new battlestations pacific reboot for the new console or a new world at war or call of duty ww2 re boot for the new console only new modern * and no baseball or boxing, are you freakin kidding me?


So ok, they say well thats activision or EA sports not doing their job, go tell them, so ok, here I am.


Baseball and boxing, why is it always such a hassle to get these games going, they are always a success, millions of us love them, but here we are again a year after launch and still no word on a MLB 2015 baseball game for xbox one, no word on the fight night franchise continuing, and I really hope it does, it is the best boxing game ever and that is saying a lot.


These are very good games that get better with each new console that emerges, with better graphics engines and ai, I expect better versions of these games until they finally immerse you completely in the world of boxing or baseball, depending on what you are playing.


We all knew the xbox one and ps4 were coming, how can that be a secret to EA sports? why dont you ever coordinate with the consoles and get your act together so you can release games for us at launch, why should I buy their console for 500$ if you arent going to make any games I like, I hate football and basketball and hockey, stop it already with fringe sports, baseball and boxing are American past times, lets go!!


I really cant understand what the hold up is with making games for the new platform, when they announce a new console, you should get going, drop production of the existing consoles games, and move on, evolve like the rest of us please, there has to be a more efficient way to get these games out, I have been waiting over a year and I am getting a little annoyed.


They dont give this * away, it is expensive all the way around, and with all the clunkers we have forgiven you for could you please get moving with these game titles, no excuses and ridiculous stories, just get the games out, and guess what we are going to want another new baseball and boxing next year and next console too so just keep em coming please.


We shouldn't be waiting a year for a simple baseball game.


Here is why I am mad, I sold my xbox 360 to make room for my new xbox one I planned to buy just after release, then I went ot see it and look at the games, and realized, there are no games, no a single game I would play.


So I waited, and of course I sold my 360 so now I have no games, all my favorites are gone, and I have nothing, while I sit here and wait and wait and wait.

You might say it is my own fault for selling my xbox 360 but thats what I do, when nintendo 64 came out I didnt keep the super nintendo, when xbox 360 came out I didnt keep my xbox, I move on, and expect games to play within a few months.


I would have gladly kept it had I been warned that there wont be any games for a long long time.



This is what happens with lack of competition to keep things honest, you get used to being the only game in town and now we cant get games made quickly enough or even a contact email to a real person to take two minutes and explain any of this to us, unless you want to send them more and more money, they will talk to you about money.


Can you tell I am annoyed? good.


Flame away, I dont see how you can defend any of this but I am sure some fanboy will light me on fire or it.

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Boxing 2016??

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Hi EA, i beg you guys to make a new boxing game for next gen and PC. it would be sexy as * in 60fps and you guys do it best. me and my mates will be waiting for an announcement at E3 xD

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New boxing game

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Fight night champion 2
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Re: New boxing game

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I heard ea sports makin a new fight night
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Fight night champion 2

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I'm posting this to ask where is fight night champ 2?? c'mon ea this is well overdue, fight night champion is such an amazing game why is there no development for champion 2, I'm not the only one holding out for this, after searching the web on it on a regular basis there has been a lot of noise made by thousands of boxing/gamer fans for its release, this game on the next gen could be something really special, ea say there concentrating on ufc why?? fight night champ is a much better game than any ufc game and there is a high demand for it release,
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