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Re: Black Remaster Version?

by FiNZooM

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Black Remaster Version?

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What do you think about that? If you remember game from PS2 generation. I like that idea my self. In my opinion Black is the best first person shooting game from it's story and also from game mechanics. Please write under here if you like this idea.

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Re: Black Remaster Version?

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I don't work for EA and I have no affiliation with EA what so ever.  Let's get that out of the way first.  I'm just a regular gamer dude that is going to do some guessing down below.



I remember Black, it was my first real foray into console FPS outside of Goldeneye.  It's where I tried to learn to use controller (and failed) in FPS games.  From what I recall it was a decent game.


EA from my understanding doesn't do remasters.  So I doubt that is in the cards.  


A sequel... I'm not sure if that is really in the cards either.  Criterion Games seems to be working on Battlefront 2 (and Hardline before) so they are still making FPS.


I look to see how well Black sold.. and doesn't seem amazing  (less than half this on Xbox)


It came out right at the end of PS2's life if I recall but it was advertised heavily, I remember the commercials.


With IPs like Battlefield, Battlefront, Titanfall and to a lesser degree PvZ... I just don't feel like in my bones Black has the backbone in it's IP, even at the time of it's release I thought it was an odd name.  Black to me didn't scream "FPS game", maybe that's just me.


In my silly opinion... I'd guess Medal of Honor would be used if they needed to revive an IP for an FPS game.  I personally don't see a game coming out titled Black 2.  That doesn't mean it's legacy couldn't live on under another title though.  I may be wrong here but wasn't Black's gimmick destructible environments?  Kind of like Red Faction was for it's time.  I could certainly see a future game coming out with over the top destructible environments, we sort of already have that in some titles but perhaps not to the same degree Black took.


So that's my rambling, best guess response.  I would be very surprised to see a sequel (in name) and down right shocked if it was remastered (virtual console I could see though).


Again.. I'm just some random dude on this forum.  I have nothing to do with EA.

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Re: Black Remaster Version?

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Thanks for reply and EA has already putted my message forward to some higher level (Sorry my bad English) but still thanks!
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Re: Black Remaster Version?

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One of my favourite ps2 games. The graphics were amazing for ps2. Ea are starting to remaster games (burnout paradise), so hopefully they will give black a go..
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Re: Black Remaster Version?

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Yes i really hope so
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Re: Black Remaster Version?

Community Manager

@FiNZooM It was recently added to the Xbox One Backward compatibility programme a month or so back. It plays very well on modern machinery and is an absolute blast from start to finish, just don't forget to save once you complete a mission or you'll end up like me having to playback through 2 hours worth of missions. 

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Re: Black Remaster Version?

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Thanks for the update, will definitely be
Getting original copy and play that way..

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Re: Black Remaster Version?

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Will it come to ps4 some day?
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Re: Black Remaster Version?

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Only time will tell.. I would love to see it remastered for ps4. Till then i will play on xbox one as backwards compatible...
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Re: Black Remaster Version?

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What a late reply from me, it will be awesome to have Black remastered with 4k graphics, but, i will love to have the ability to aim down sights, i played the game a lot and it's super compleat for the year of release. Anyway i don't think that can be in anyone's head. 


Mho, good luck.

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