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Battlefield Vietnam

by SucceededKiller

Original Post

Battlecraft Vietnam download?

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There is an map editor, called Battlecraft Vietnam, where is the official download link? Because I don't want to download it on a random site.

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Re: Battlecraft Vietnam download?

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How fast do you usually get a repley of an expert here? Or is there a better place for this kind of questions?
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Re: Battlecraft Vietnam download?

Community Manager



Unfortunately I am not aware of any official download link to this map editor.




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Re: Battlefield Vietnam

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come on this page: 


here u find all infos


come on the server


and have fun

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Battlefield Vietnam, cant configure SteelSeries 3GC game controller..

★★★ Newbie

Cant configure my Steel Series 3GC controller! How can I setup?

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Battlefield Vietnam

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Hi there, as a big BF fan i had/have most version.

Now my Bf Vietnam cd's are a mess and will not finish install.

In the EA store i cannot seem to find Bf Vietnam (only BF Bad Company Vietnam)

Is it still possible to buy this game through origin??

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Re: Battlefield Vietnam

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Nobody?Zipped lips

Broken heart

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Re: Battlecraft Vietnam download?

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I am still waiting Zipped lips

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BF Vietnam Available

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I am a Battlefield fan (from 1942 to Hardline, with maybe the exception of BC lol). PRETTY PLEASE make the original Battlefield Vietnam available digitally. And keep making the best FPSs ever. 

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Battlefield Veitnam

★★★★ Newbie

Trying to see if EA will answer this.  Will this version of Battlefield be available for us to purchase again?  I had a lot of fun with this game when i originally owned it.  Lent it to my brother and i never saw it again.  So i a digital copy that i can't lose would be nice.  Thank for you time 

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