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Account recovery?

by ForeverVoid

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Account recovery?

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this. I am currently having issues recovering an old account from EA, it is in fact the one I am currently logged into.


I am a recent move from Xbox to PC. Originally, my account was created over Xbox with the email connected to my Microsoft account at the time. Because of regional identifier issues associated with my email and XboxLive the email for my Microsoft account has since been changed and the original one has since been deleted. This is where my current issues start, I have since forgotten the original password and because the original email no longer exists I have no actual recovery option available. I'm currently logged in to my account because the community website allows for access through your Microsoft account, it doesn't however allow you to access anything that will allow you to fix anything. I can post here, I can access "My cases" on, but I still can't change my details because it asks for the original password and it sends information to the original email.


I have opened multiple cases, they each are resolved by telling me that I haven't provided enough information. All I want is my account back. Can anyone help me directly or give me a detailed list of information to provide? Would going to my BF1 profile on Xbox to give them my exact stat rundown gain me access? What can I do?

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Re: Account recovery?

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Thank you for reaching out to us @ForeverVoid

You'll want to fill out as much information as you possibly can in the account recovery form to improve your chances of getting the account details updated. Account security is of the upmost concern to us and we will not authorize any changes to an account unless we can absolutely make sure the information provided is validation to our staff that it is the real account owner requesting it. If you've left any fields blank previously, I can only recommend putting in what you feel is the closest info you can remember from the top of your head if you can't physically track down the data.

For additional help please contact our Live-Support team at your earliest convenience. 


Click here to speak with an EA Advisor.


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