character creation only allows male human noble

by cristamir

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character creation only allows male human noble

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I'm trying to create a new character, but the character creation will only show a human male noble no matter what race I choose. Out of curiosity I loaded that character into the game, and logged into an empty room with no doors. I can force load another character and she loads fine.  This is a fresh install on a new computer running Windows 11 and all mods disabled. Had the same issue with windows 10 after a while on a previous machine.  I've checked updates on the Origin app, updated windows and graphics driver.  I've tried running compatibility mode.  Running out of ideas.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: character creation only allows male human noble

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@cristamir Hey there, I admit this is new to me, and I even checked with some DA vets and it sounds novel.

Can I check which game exactly you're playing? I assume DAO but best not to assume anything.

In any case it sounds like something's off with your install. If you're using Origin, can you right-click the game panel and choose to Repair, and see if it finds a problem. If it does, can you try running it again to see if it finds more issues?

If you're on Steam you can verify integrity instead:
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