Possible Solution: "Invalid License- Missing DLL d3dx9_36.dll Error 0x7e"

by JCPhoenix83

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Possible Solution: "Invalid License- Missing DLL d3dx9_36.dll Error 0x7e"

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I know this is years late for some, but for any others like me who love replaying Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II (via Origin just because all our DLC is there) over the years on newer PCs, this may still help you. It helped me.

Searching the subject error was getting me nothing but posts about NVIDIA Phyxs drivers, etc., which weren't fixing anything because NVIDIA added their Phys_X to their gameready drivers years ago. You can't even install an older version of it without fully uninstalling your entire video driver suite, and that's just not a good solution. If that fix still works for some, cool; it didn't do anything for me.

Here's what fixed the issue, for both games, in all of three minutes for me:

Download the older Direct X (9, 11, etc.) libraries from Microsoft by following this link, ensuring English is selected in the language dropdown, and hitting the big orange button:


Now, install that download.

Don't reboot, don't sign out, just try and open either Dragon Age Origins or Dragon Age II again with the libraries installed. If you're like me, both games will suddenly start working with no issue.

Enjoy, I hope this helps all the fellow gamers who have been scouring Google for answers.

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